TheMagic5 Swim Goggles – The Ultimate Swim Gear Upgrade?

In the world of swimming equipment, swim goggles stand alone as one of the essentials.

The right set of swim goggles give you crystal-clear vision in the water, protect your eyes from glare and UV rays, and also keep gnarly pool chemicals from irritating your eyes.

But a proper fit and comfort have always been a bit elusive.

That’s until TheMagic5 Swim Goggle came along.

Representing a huge breakthrough in swim goggle technology and comfort, TheMagic5 Swim Goggles are the first truly customized swim goggle for lap swimming.

In this review of TheMagic5 Swim Goggles, we will look closer at what they are, highlight the benefits of the goggle, who they are right for, and much more.

By the end, you will have a crystal-clear idea of whether TheMagic5 Swim Goggles are the perfect swim goggles for you.

What are TheMagic5 Swim Goggles?

TheMagic5 Swim Goggle is a company that creates custom-made swim goggles.

Unlike standard swim goggles, like those made by popular swim brands Speedo, TYR, and Arena, TheMagic5 creates a unique goggle gasket tailor-made for your face using a 3D facial scanning app.

The result is a truly customized swim goggle that reduces leaks, is more comfortable, and increases performance in the pool during your swims.

No more having to stop every lap to empty water from your swim goggles, or headaches from extended use, or those red rings around your eyes after a long swim.

TheMagic5 Swim Goggles – How They Stand Apart from the Competition

Having tested countless swim goggles over the years, I’ve seen them all.

From the old school Swedish goggles (the perfect swim goggle for the old school swimmer, in my opinion), to the foam gasket Speedo goggles of the 90s, to the latest and greatest training and racing goggles from FINIS, FORM, Arena, and TYR, I’ve swum with them all.

Here’s what TheMagic5 Swim Goggles does a little differently from the competition.

Superior Fit.

The main advantage of TheMagic5 Swim Goggles is the customized fit. Because the swim goggles are tailored to your specific face shape and size, it ensures a precise fit and reduces leaks during your swims.

Leaky swim goggles is every swimmer’s primary foe in the water. There is nothing worse than having to stop at the wall after every lap to empty the goggle gasket of water.

TheMagic5 Swim Goggle eliminates this wildly infuriating problem.

Increased comfort.

That custom-fit design of TheMagic5 Swim Goggles also means increased comfort.

The uniquely shaped gasket reduces the need to tighten the head straps extra firmly to reduce leaks, making them way more comfortable to wear for extended periods.

In my experience, comfort is everything in the water. I can’t count how many times I’ve gotten out of the water early because of goggles that left my face feeling sore.

For swimmers who get headaches from wearing swim goggles really tightly, or who are sick of having dark pink rings around their eyes after swim practice, these goggles are a game-changer.

Slim gasket design.

The one thing that surprised me most about TheMagic5 swim goggles is how slim the gasket is.

While this won’t make a huge difference in terms of reducing drag, it does help to keep the goggle gasket in place when you are diving in the water.

Shop TheMagic5 Swim Goggles at their official website by clicking here.

Having tested plenty of racing swim goggles over the years, TheMagic5 is one of the best in terms of a drag-reducing goggle profile.

Lots of personalization options.

TheMagic5 Swim Goggles come in a large variety of colors, tints, and lens types, making them an excellent option for every kind of swimmer.

Clear lenses are idea for darker, dimly-lit swim pools, while mirrored and polarized lenses are best for outdoor swimming to reduce glare and eye strain from the sun.

TheMagic5 also runs limited edition colors like purple, green, and other bright colors for maximum personalization.

Reduced fogging.

Swim goggles have one fatal flaw—with time, the antifog coating inside the goggles degrades and condensation quickly builds up and reduces vision.

TheMagic5 goggles come with a factory antifog coating which is surprisingly long-lasting, but with enough time, it will fade. TheMagic5 also sells antifog sprays along with their swim goggles to help further extend the antifog properties of the goggles.

Durable materials.

Swimming pools are loaded with chlorine that sanitizes the water to keep it healthy and bacteria-free. But chlorine also degrades swim gear, including swimming goggles.

TheMagic5 goggles are made with a fade-free polycarbonate lens and silicone head straps that stand up against harsh pool chemicals and even extended UV exposure.

Perfect for swimmers with unique facial features.

Ultimately, TheMagic5 Swim Goggles, and this comes up over and over again in every review of the goggles, are perfect for swimmers who have unique facial features.

Whether that means high cheekbones or narrow eye spacing, these goggles accommodate the unique shape and structure of your face.

TheMagic5 Swim Goggle Reviews – What are swimmers saying?

Reviews of TheMagic5 Swim Goggles have largely been positive across the internet, both on the Magic5 site as well as on external websites like swim and triathlon blogs.

Users consistently praise the slim profile of the goggle, increased comfort compared to traditional swim goggles, and the leak-free fit. And in the opinion of many users, they love the sleek and modern look of TheMagic5 Swim Goggles.

The company also has numerous professional swimmers as ambassadors for the goggles, including Olympic gold medalist backstroker Matt Grevers, Olympian Jeanette Ottesen, and Olympic and world champion triathlete Jan Frodeno.

Reviews and evaluations on other sites, like and, are overwhelmingly positive.

From the Magic5 Swim Goggles review at

“TheMagic5 swim goggles are extremely comfortable. They fit like a chlorinated glove on my face. They have a slim profile. And they look great. And perhaps more importantly, they serve what I believe to be a very underserved market: the large swath of swimmers in the pool who get headaches from regular swim goggles or who have grown exasperated from finding goggles that fit their face.” – Olivier Poirier-Leroy,

From a Magic5 Swim Goggle review by Beau Cormier, former Division I swimmer, at, who recommends the goggles specifically for open water and distance swimmers:

“Because the Magic5 swim goggles are custom-fit, they don’t need to be worn overly tight. They ‘sit’ relatively lightly on your face, making them exceptionally comfortable. This is great news for open water and distance swimmers, who put in the hours and the miles in the water and want goggles that aren’t putting tons of pressure on the face.” – Beau Cormier,

Additionally, on TheMagic5 website, the goggles have nearly 7,000 reviews at the time of writing, with an average score of 4.89 out of 5.

While most reviews of TheMagic5 are glowing, there are also some less-than-enthusiastic reviews out there, primarily centered on the goggles not staying on properly.

For swimmers who are nervous that these swim goggles might not be “the” goggles for them, TheMagic5 does back them with a leak-free guarantee.

How does the custom-fitting process for TheMagic5 goggles work?

TheMagic5 Swim Goggles are custom-fit to your face using an app on your smartphone and a 3D scan of your face.

After you order the goggles on TheMagic5 website, you get access to their proprietary smartphone (or tablet) app. In the app, you will use the camera on your device to perform a 3D scan of your face.

Once completed, the scan is sent to the Magic5’s manufacturing facility in North Carolina, where the goggles are 3D printed.

Around 5-10 business days after you place the order, the brand new, one-of-a-kind set of TheMagic5 Swim Goggles arrives in your mailbox.

How long do TheMagic5 swim goggles last?

TheMagic5 Swim Goggles are made for durability and should last at least a couple of seasons worth of swimming.

The polycarbonate gasket is tough and can withstand a lot of pressure. The head straps on the goggles are silicone, which last much longer compared to other traditional goggle straps which are often made of latex.

Compared to latex, silicone lasts much longer when exposed to pool chemicals and UV rays.

To make your set of TheMagic5 Swim Goggles last even longer, remember to rinse them with fresh water after your swims, store them in a goggle case between swims (the goggles come with a case), and apply antifog spray every week or so to keep the factory antifog coating from degrading.

Do TheMagic5 Swim Goggles have a guarantee?

TheMagic5 Swim Goggles have a leak-free guarantee. For swimmers who can’t get the goggles to fit properly, and they cannot get the swim goggles to work for you, TheMagic5 will refund your purchase 100%.

How much are TheMagic5 swim goggles?

TheMagic5 Swim Goggles cost between $85 and $95 when purchased individually.

While this is more expensive than traditional swim goggles, which can cost as little as $10-20, you get what you pay for in this case in terms of custom fit and comfort.

TheMagic5 goggles also come in bundles, which can bring the unit price down considerably.

Where is the best place to buy TheMagic5 Swim Goggles?

TheMagic5 Swim Goggles are sold exclusively through their website. At one point, they did sell the goggles on Amazon, but that is no longer the case.

To shop TheMagic5 Swim Goggles, click here to see the latest prices and inventory of goggles.

TheMagic 5 Swim Goggles – Wrapping It Up

In conclusion, TheMagic5 swim goggles have revolutionized the swim gear industry by offering swimmers a truly personalized and unparalleled experience.

Through their innovative 3D facial scanning technology, these custom-fit goggles provide a perfect fit for every individual, addressing the longstanding challenges of water leakage and discomfort associated with traditional swim goggles.

As a result, swimmers can now enjoy enhanced comfort and focus on their performance, both during swim practices and in swim meets.

Key Takeaways:

  • Custom Fit. TheMagic5 swim goggles offer a custom fit tailored to each swimmer’s unique facial contours, ensuring a leak-free and secure seal in the water.
  • Increased Comfort. With a precise fit, these goggles minimize pressure points and discomfort around the eyes, enabling swimmers to wear them for extended periods without distractions.
  • Low Profile Gasket Design. The low profile gasket design reduces drag in the water, enhancing hydrodynamics and potentially improving race times for competitive swimmers.

By combining cutting-edge technology with a focus on comfort and performance, TheMagic5 has set a new standard in swim goggles.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a recreational swimmer, investing in a pair of custom-fitted swim goggles from TheMagic5 is an investment in your swimming experience, allowing you to unlock your full potential in the water.

Shop the world’s first custom swim goggles, TheMagic5 Swim Goggles here.




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