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Fully Vital Hair System Reviews – Should You Buy FullyVital Hair Care Products?


The Fully Vital Hair System is a hair growth supplement that balances hormones to improve hair quality and reduce balding. This hair growth system includes a combination of an oral supplement and a topical serum that supports the growth of healthy, thicker hair.

What is the Fully Vital Hair System?

Everyone wants to look and feel like themselves, but when our hair begins to thin and fall, it becomes an impactful event. While many people take their flowing locks for granted, far too many have become victims of their bodies.

As hormones change, consumers struggle to maintain their hair, struggling with thinning, balding, and more. The key to eliminating these problems is balance, which starts with the Fully Vital Hair System.

The Fully Vital Hair System makes it possible for consumers to take control over the growth of their hair, even if they are struggling to keep it as youthful as they used to. With fast results, consumers get most of the benefits from four different angles of approach, ensuring the hair receives the support it needs. While this formula is powerful, it is also completely natural and doesn’t require a prescription to procure. Still, the remedy is completely backed up by clinical research and dermatologist approval.

The industry isn’t short of options for hair support. Companies have consistently provided users with shampoos, growth serums, and supplements that all aim to make hair grow better. While some of them work, they also create a dependency on these remedies, which means that consumers are only able to get the desired results when they keep up with their use. Plus, each treatment only treats one way of promoting growth. Consumers can drastically improve their hair care and quality with the Fully Vital Hair System by taking a multi-angled direction on these remedies.

About Enhance Hair

Enhance Hair helps consumers to improve their hair by nourishing it from within. This formula is an oral supplement used daily to get the desired results. The formula includes a few essential ingredients, like ashwagandha and zinc. The formula gradually improves the body’s ability to enhance the new growth of hair from within.

About Enhance Hair Serum

The Enhance Hair Serum is supposed to be applied to the hair each night. This remedy comes with hydrating and nourishing ingredients that soak into the strands while the user sleeps. This formula works well on its own, but the only way that consumers will get the full results of the regimen.

The Ingredients of the Fully Vital Hair System

Enhance Hair

In the Enhance Hair oral supplement, users get the support of:

  • Biotin
  • Ashwagandha
  • Zinc
  • B vitamins
  • Curcumin
  • Saw palmetto
  • Pine bark
  • Pumpkin seed


Biotin has been tested multiple times for the benefits that it offers hair. It promotes better shine and volume but benefits women struggling with thinning hair. According to current studies, biotin can promote better hair health and is a crucial ingredient for weakened strands. Most experts say that the best amount of biotin to promote better hair health is about 2-5 milligrams daily.


Ashwagandha is an adaptogen. Adaptogens help consumers to soothe their minds and body, providing substantial stress relief. Stress can trigger the production of different hormones that negatively affect hair growth. The use of ashwagandha can help users to promote the production of DHEA, which is commonly associated with new development. It also encourages better collagen synthesis. Consumers who regularly make it a part of their routine reduce the risk of sun damage.


Zinc is an essential mineral for the human body. It helps users to improve the growth and repair of hair. It also enables users to enhance the glands on the scalp that secrete oils, which allows the follicles to function as they are supposed to. When someone doesn’t get enough zinc in their diet, they are more likely to struggle with hair loss.

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B Vitamins

B vitamins are often used to convert food to nourishment for the body. One of these vitamins, Vitamin B1 (thiamine), helps users to improve their hair growth. It also allows users to reduce constriction in the blood vessels, ensuring that consumers can grow their hair. This boost also helps with improved heart health.


Curcumin is often used as a remedy for treating hair loss. It supports helpful hair growth, and it can improve hair growth. This remedy promotes reduced levels of DHT, the hormone associated with hair loss. Consumers can overcome their struggle to regain their hair when they inhibit how much the body produces. Curcumin is typically associated with reduced inflammation throughout the body, which substantially helps.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is associated with many benefits, but the ability to reduce the risk of hair loss is why this ingredient is found in the oral supplement. With this remedy’s consistent use, consumers can control hormone levels and prevent the production of an enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT. In studies, users of saw palmetto saw a 60% improvement in hair growth.

Pine Bark

Pine bark helps users to improve their hair density, which can suffer significantly with age. In a clinical trial, experts showed that consistent use of pine bark was associated with a 30% increase in hair density. This ingredient is an excellent source of vitamins C and E, and it can help with lung function for asthma patients. It can promote better circulation by dilating blood vessels, effectively reducing the risk of cardiac diseases.

Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of proteins and amino acids, making them extremely helpful to hair health. It protects consumers from hair breakage, and it is rich in iron. Consumers will get a substantial amount of magnesium from every dose, giving them precisely what they need daily. Pumpkin seeds also are known for their wound-healing abilities.

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Enhance Hair Serum

In the Enhance Topical Hair Serum, consumers treat their hair directly with:

  • Copper tripeptides
  • Caffeine
  • Capixyl
  • Hyaluronic acid

Copper Tripeptides

Copper tripeptides help consumers to improve the size of their hair follicles. By expanding the size of hair follicles, consumers can improve their overall hair volume while making every strand thicker. According to a 2016 study, this ingredient substantially improved hair appearance. It is even beneficial to the skin, helping users to reduce the appearance of aging.


Caffeine is known for its energy-boosting benefits, helping consumers to improve their alertness. Caffeine also promotes better blood flow to increase energy levels, directly stimulating the hair follicles. Caffeine helps users reduce frizz in hair, making it appear livelier and more radiant. It also allows users to preserve natural oils, creating a better environment for healthy growth. Consumers often find that their hair seems shinier with caffeine.


Capixyl is used to help with the nourishing of the Extra Cellular Matrix protein. This protein helps the user to protect themselves from dealing with hair damage. It also helps form new tissues, supporting follicles effectively to make hair have more volume and good health. This ingredient is often associated with reducing scalp infections, though this treatment isn’t necessarily meant for it.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid helps consumers to support their hair and scalp’s need for better hydration. It is often found in skincare products to reduce the appearance of aging, though it can also be used in other topical remedies to ensure that users can soothe their dryness. It helps consumers protect their follicles from becoming dry and reduces frizz. This soothing effect extends to the scalp to prevent flaking, dandruff, and more.

Purchasing the Fully Vital Hair System

Consumers can visit the official website to get the Fully Vital Hair System. The website allows users to get a one-month supply of this system for $118.00. In every box, consumers get:

  • A bottle of Hair Vitamins
  • A bottle of Hair Serum
  • A gold Derma Roller

Though users won’t have to pay anything extra, consumers will get a complementary bamboo hairbrush. For a limited time, this purchase comes with free shipping, ensuring that users only have to focus on the cost of the system as they repair their hair.

Purchasing the Fully Vital Hair System

Frequently Asked Questions About Enhance Hair and Fully Vital

Q. Will consumers help with thinning and bald spots?

A. Yes. This formula has many ways that help with the thickness and growth of hair, and it is even beneficial in bald spots.

Q. Will consumers be exposed to fillers in these products?

A No. Consumers only get natural products, ensuring that users can get the support they need to look as radiant as they want.

Q. How long will users need to maintain the Fully Vital regimen before they experience results?

A. The current state of the user’s hair will significantly influence how quickly they see results, but hair growth can take time. Over the next few weeks, users will notice less shedding in their hair, helping it to feel and look healthier. Consumers will have stronger hair with more growth within three months of use.

Q. Will using the topical serum make hair feel greasy or oily?

A. No. This formula offers a lightweight texture and is water-based to ensure that users will not have to worry about any residue by morning. Users must put the serum on at night to allow the hair to absorb it fully. Users can freely style their hair with any products and tools in the morning that they usually include.

Q. Is hair loss caused by hormones?

A. Yes. It is one of the top reasons for the loss. By the time someone turns 35, men and women start producing hormones that inherently cause hair loss, like DHT.

Q. Will users get natural support from the Enhance Hair supplement?

A. Yes. All ingredients included are natural, and no chemicals or drugs are involved. None of the typical allergens, like wheat or shellfish, are involved. The creators pride themselves on only using pure ingredients.

Q. Will users start to increase hair growth on other body parts?

A. Not at all. When the body produces too much DHT, facial hair grows while the hair on top of the user’s head gradually thins. As the user takes this formula, they improve progressively how much hair grows from their scalp instead. If anything, less facial hair would increase due to regulating hormone levels.

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Q. What if brushing causes the user to lose more hair?

A. While many people believe that brushing hair more often can cause hair loss, users lose hair daily. Brushing simply removes it from their hair as it leaves space for new hair to grow. Brushing hair will promote better hair circulation, which thickens the strands.

Q. What’s the return policy with FullyVital?

A. If the user isn’t happy with the results of the FullyVital system, they have up to 120 days to get a full refund with the money-back guarantee.

The customer service team can be reached by sending a message to:


FullyVital allows consumers to improve their hair texture, thickness, and more by nourishing it with healthy ingredients. The system comprises multiple products, ensuring that users support the thickening of their hair with natural compounds that are easy for the body to use. The Fully VItal System Hair Growth includes a topical and oral supplement that supports new hair growth and more, and consumers can purchase the formulas on the official website today.

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