Huawei: The New Watch Has Many Speedbreakers

Samsung has shown it, now Huawei wants to follow suit. The Chinese company has finalized its plans to release a smartwatch with blood pressure measurement. Can Huawei do better than its biggest competitor, Samsung?

Huawei Gets Approval For Blood Pressure Measurement With Smartwatch

Not every function can be built into a smartwatch just like that. Certain features require medical approval in the countries in which they are to be used. That is why it took so long a few years ago for the ECG function in the Apple Watch to come to Germany. Until recently, the same applied to Samsung. But this time it’s about measuring blood pressure. Samsung recently activated the function for the Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Watch Active 2. The setup is very cumbersome because you need a real blood pressure monitor for calibration. Can Huawei Make It Easier?

This is exactly the big question of whether Huawei has a better solution because not everyone simply has or can access a professional blood pressure monitor. It is clear, however, that Huawei will integrate the function into a smartwatch in the second half of the year. This has officially confirmed a company spokesperson. It is not known in which model Huawei will integrate the blood pressure measurement and whether it will come to Germany soon. In China, for example, there is an EKG smartwatch from Huawei that cannot be bought in this country. It is therefore quite conceivable that the blood pressure measurement will come to Germany later. Hopefully, Huawei has found an easier way to set up blood pressure measurements so that you don’t need an additional device.

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Huawei Is Planning Further Functions For Smartwatches

Just recently, Huawei announced that future smartwatches from the company will be equipped with an EKG function, blood pressure, and blood sugar measurement. These should work continuously and non-invasively, which would bring considerable advantages, especially when measuring blood sugar. But there is still no specific schedule. It is clear, however, that Huawei is investing heavily in this sector and thus wants to compete with Samsung and Apple.

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