‘Avatar 2’: Everything We Know About The Long-Awaited Return To Pandora

Avatar 2 could hit theaters next year, finally after a decade of obstacles, delays, and unusual situations. That, despite the fact that the sequel to the 2009 hit was pushed back from its original release date of July 2020 to December 2022. All in all, it’s not all bad news and uncertainties. James Cameron has put in long and hard work to create what appears to be the pinnacle of science fiction of this decade. Or at least, that has been his intention.

In several statements released in recent months, Cameron assured that he is “quite sure” that he will hit theaters on the indicated date. That’s good news, considering that the full epic set on Pandora will have five parts. The premiere of Avatar 2 would be the first step towards the full development of the franchise.

What Can We Expect From Avatar 2?

Actually, Cameron has been quite vocal and public in recounting his experience filming a state-of-the-art science fiction epic. So we bring you a detailed summary of everything we know so far:

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When Will ‘Avatar 2’ Release In Theaters?

If nothing happens (or Cameron changes his mind), the film will hit theaters on December 16, 2022. That’s after suffering one last delay from its original release date. The reason? Cameron is still not entirely sure if the aftermath of the pandemic will influence theatrical attendance to date. And of course, the director wants the experience “to be total” in the armchair. Avatar 2 is not intended – nor will it be modified – for release on streaming platforms.

Why So Many Delays?

Actually, there are a multiplicity of reasons why we still haven’t enjoyed the sequel to Avatar 2. The first: James Cameron needed to create, in basic, from scratch, the technology to represent the seas and lands of Pandora. The most recent was due to production delays as a result of the global pandemic. The quarantine affected both the work in New Zealand and the “virtual” set in Los Angeles.

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