Money Heist Season 5 “A Heist Coming to Conclusion”

Money Heist is one of the best Netflix series which has become popular all across the world. The Money Heist Season 5 is eagerly awaited by the fans. The Producer “Alex Pina in a Local interview with Express UK revealed that the last chapter of the heist will be released this year between September to December. He said the shoot of season 5 had completed and the cast is working to promote the final season through their personal handles. The Trailer the season5 will be released by the mid of July or earlier in August.  This season will also consist of ten episodes and this chapter will end the series into a satisfying conclusion.

Money Heist is a Spanish Web series of OTT platform (Netflix) which consists of 4 Seasons. Money heist was so popular that it won Best Drama at the International Enemy Awards.  In the earlier Season 1 and 2, a team of eight thieves locks themselves along with the hostages in the Royal Mint of Spain. A criminal Mastermind from Outside manipulates the Police to complete the robbery as he plans.

The fourth Season of the Money Heist left fans on edge when the Professor was caught by the investigating women officer (Sierra). There is a question in the minds of fans whether she will choose to join the gang. As the gang was still trapped at the Bank of Spain, the question had been put in the mind of fans, whether they will come alive or not.  Berlin, who is one of the favorite characters in the series, is expected to appear in the series in flashbacks. The fans are expecting that Berlin will make this series more interesting as well as emotional for them and for the professor.

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