Is Joel Osteen DIVORCED? Marriage Problems! Rumors Explained

Joel Osteen was divorced. But he is married to his wife today. His divorce rumors have been going on for a while now. Check out the net worth and rumours about his marriage. In February, people have been talking more about the divorce rumors. Joel Osteen became a pastor and one of America’s most popular Teleevangelists after his father died and people liked him when he spoke in front of the congregation. Joel Osteen’s preaching led to Lakewood Church programs being broadcasted in over 100 countries worldwide.

Is Joel Osteen DIVORCED? wife Victoria Osteen? Rumors Explained

Joel Osteen is married to Victoria Osteen. He preaches at his father’s church. His wife often posts videos on social media and sometimes sings with him at his dad’s church. There have been rumors of divorce for months between them but let’s break it down.

Are The Joel Osteen-Victoria Divorce Rumors True?

We don’t think so. Joel Osteen married Victoria a long time ago, in April of 1987. They have two kids together; Johnathan and Alexandra. But these rumors aren’t new. People have had the same idea before and they’ve been able to get through it for three decades.

This is a rumor. It is not true. The truth is that Joel Osteen and Victoria’s relationship is something people should look up to. They take care of each other in really good ways! Still, these rumors keep going up on the board even when they don’t have any reason to do so. Victoria Osteen has talked about how their love has been built on love so it will last forever. They are always adjusting to things and they always win together!

Joel and Victoria have worked hard together to make Lakewood Church. Joel has always tried to cheer everyone up when they are sad. Victoria has also joined Joel with Lakewood’s Women Ministry. They have also helped a lot of people in their careers together. Check out interesting article on Sexify Season 2.

Joel Osteen Is Not Necessarily Against Divorce

Joel Osteen is in a relationship with his wife and they are strong together. But that doesn’t mean Joel is against divorce. He was married to Emma Jean Shaeffer before he got married to his mother. This experience has had an effect on him as a preacher, especially for pastors.

Joel Osteen thinks that people should divorce when they find someone who is not right for them. But he does not want people to be ashamed of it, either. He thinks that you should honestly deal with the situation and find a suitable person to be with. Plus, at the end of the day, you can live happily with whomever you want.

Concluding This Relationship

Rumors are just rumors. For a relationship as strong as Joel and Victoria Osteen’s, they will not let these rumors bother them. Joel said that he earns $70 million each year for being the senior pastor in a church. Apart from the Lakewood Church Events, the income for this couple also comes from books. Joel himself wrote around 10 books. Five of those books became New York Times best-sellers and he receives a salary of $200,000 from his church because his book became so successful. Check out Joel Osteen’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Profiles.

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  1. With Joel making 70 million a year is he helping people, helping Israel, he could really make a big difference in his life time. I’d he??? God gives so we can make a difference to pass around what He has given to us. Money can make us or destroy us.


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