What is a WASP Mom? They’re Taking Over Social Media TikTok!
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TikTok is a place where you can find out what is happening in the world.

Lockdown has only increased the number of videos that are being uploaded. This means there is more hilarious content than ever before, which I can totally relate to.

The latest trend is to pretend to be a WASP mom. Users are making videos that show what it’s like to be a WASP mom who is in lockdown.

There are many different types of moms. A WASP mom is one type. This means that they are white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Do you ever wonder what noise is?

What is a WASP Mom? They’re Taking Over Social Media TikTok!


What is a WASP Mom?

According to Urban Dictionary, an “WASP” means a white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant. Some people from New England are wealthy. They are called WASPs.

The TikToks show is popular because it has exaggerated expressions and loud voices. It also has slurred syllables. And the videos of a white woman who is middle aged and drinking wine.

Where did the WASP mom videos come from?

The most viewed WASP mom TikTok videos are by Caitlin who has impersonated a WASP mom ordering pizza, Facetiming with friends, and struggling during lockdown.

The video is getting many comments that say the video is good. People are saying that they either have or know someone who has a WASP mom.

Some other examples of WASP moms are baking cookies, complaining in a restaurant, and ordering flowers for mother’s day.

The WASP mom videos continue

This video is about a WASP mom who goes to the nail salon.

Watch the video below.

NikkieTutorials is exploring her outfit for Eurovision 2021. She has to make sure it is very visible in case she wants to wear colors.

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