Who is Bella Cuomo? Play Fight With Dad Chris Goes Viral on TikTok!

Bella Cuomo is a TikToker with over 300,000 followers on the video-sharing app, but you may recognise her as Chris Cuomo’s daughter. Bella’s father appears frequently in her TikTok videos and is a fan favourite!

Bella recently shared a video of the two of them joking about before breaking into a planned dance routine.Who is Bella Cuomo Play Fight With Dad Chris Goes Viral on TikTok!

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Who is Chris Cuomo?

While it may be difficult to believe, Chris Cuomo is not a TikTokker by trade. Instead, he is a well-known American TV journalist. You may recognise him from his stint on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” or as one of two news anchors on NewsDay’s daily version, where he formerly worked.

Perhaps you’re familiar with the surname? That’s because Chris is linked to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is his brother.

Chris Cuomo on TikTok

Chris frequently appears in Bella’s TikTok videos, most recently on July 30th in one that Bella captioned, “Me attempting to say goodbye to my parents during their 20 step night ritual.”

Chris Cuomo is seen shirtless in the mirror brushing his teeth and getting ready for bed in the video. Bella’s mother, Cristina Greeven Cuomo, appears in the video wearing a black one-piece.

Chris can be seen strolling behind Bella, who is filming herself doing a TikTok dance, and flexing his biceps for the camera in another recent video, which was released on August 16.

Bella’s latest video

In Bella’s most recent video, the two are shown playing combat before participating in a TikTok trend. The video begins with a play fight, which rapidly develops into a choreographed dance performance in their kitchen, set to Ne-“Because Yo’s of You.” Chris is dressed casually with a baseball cap and nails the dancing movements, which many of the commentators picked up on!

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