Celebrity Look Alike Filter: How to Get it on TikTok & Instagram?

Users have been raving about TikTok’s Celebrity Look-Alike filter, and here’s how you can get your hands on it. TikTok has become the most popular social networking app for many people across the world, with features such as dancing challenges and filters. Celebrities and entire families have been spotted on the site doing planned dance routines, experimenting with various effects, and shooting pranks and stunts.

Following the success of Instagram’s Celebrity Look-Alike filter, TikTok has released its own version — but with a twist.

Celebrity Look Alike Filter: How to Get it on TikTok & Instagram?


What is the Celebrity Look-Alike filter?

This TikTok filter has been a huge hit with many social media users since it went viral.

Instead of finding your best celebrity match, the Star Look-Alike filter allows you to pick the celebrity you desire or believe you look like.

TikTok fans may post photos of their favourite celebrities, with some of the outcomes being spectacular, while others being comical.

The Celebrity Look-Alike filter has now been utilised in over 125k videos, a number that is sure to grow as the fad continues to gain traction.

TikTok: How to get the Celebrity Look-Alike filter?

  • Open TikTok and type “search” in the search field.
  • You’ll find lots of videos from other people if you search for “celebrity lookalike filter.”
  • Click on one of the videos to see the name of the filter:’shapelifting.’
  • Click on the word “shapelifting” and then “add to favourites.”
  • To upload a photo of your favourite celebrity, choose the film button, click on the filter, and then select the ‘+’ button.
  • Take a video of yourself and witness how you transform into a celebrity in a matter of seconds!

Users have fun with this filter

People are having a lot of fun with this filter. They have been using it to trick their friends or relatives.

Here is a new trend you might try this weekend.

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