Cyberpunk 2077
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Cyberpunk 2077 freshly launched a new marketing campaign. Instagram story advertisements, Facebook ads, YouTube pre-records. Everyone is advancing unless a “latest update,” or one that I’ve noticed, was something like “the most significant update yet.”

The difficulty? I have no sense of what they are speaking about. The creation of these advertisements does not regard one future update; they are marked with a big “Available Now.”

Enthusiasts have been so frustrated by this that they believe the advertisement campaign might unexpectedly run live forward of plan. It was intended to promote the free DLC update, which is yet not there (and it doesn’t yet have a show or premiere date).

But no, I don’t believe that’s occurring, and I think CDPR is simply attempting to rotate its selection of hotfixes and pieces as the “new update” recorded here.

Of course, what is not being told is that the goal of 99% of all of these applications in history has been to secure carriage appearances of the game unless profound console performance or defects that were ongoing blockers or glitches on several searches.

There were just tiny, minuscule modifications to the game that could be regarded as quality of life additions and none that I would see as unique content. 

The policemen will presently produce further continuously instead of immediately above you. Car buying icons now look like cars, not quest images.

Buying clothes and blueprints only took a little more satisfaction. And sincerely, I believe that’s it.

Cyberpunk 2077 1.2 Update

Cyberpunk’s “most significant update ever” was the 1.2 update, which involved several defects fixes forward with some of the modifications mentioned earlier. 

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But it premiered three months before in late March. The newest patch, 1.23, just included a tiny handful of defect fixes and performance enhancements and arrived simply before the game reverted to the PlayStation Store following a six-month prohibition. 

But there was no “latest update” these advertisements lead to after getting applications and fixes to make the game up and working.

My most extraordinary opinion about what’s occurring here is that the CDPR retailing team is attempting to speak, “come on, play Cyberpunk 2077 because it’s presently mostly fixed,” without really saying so. 

Alternatively, they show various vague “updates” with no circumstances, a mixture of approximately eight updates that are nearly entirely virus and performance fixes.

It’s fantastic, but nothing regarding the cyberpunk premiere was natural, I think. There must be a massive update once the available DLC beats the market, but it isn’t. 

And what that is is entirely unfamiliar. I have requested CDPR explain what they are saying regarding this drive and update them when I listen to anything.

Update 1: This was a reply from the real cyberpunk twitter to the operations.

They state we “continued,” but I just noticed it yesterday, and it appears to be moving on. Patch 1.2 premiered in March, and it seems that this was only a “warning” of the defect fixes there, and the game is backward on the PlayStation Store without stating so.

Update 2: Listened immediately from CDPR, and their answer was news for word; this is a powerful tweet.


It is all about the Cyberpunk 2077 new update. I hope you like this post. Stay tuned with us for more news!


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