Kibo Eclipse Reviews – An Advanced Online Training Program For Future Business Millionaires!

There are innumerable ways by which businesses can progress and evolve for a greater reach and this Kibo Eclipse review shall brief you on how a training program has been working towards it. The very reason for starting a business is to generate sales and establish leads. With a motive to guide amateur businesspersons on how to spurt large growth in their businesses through goods and services, two marketing experts have curated this eCommerce training program that has been witnessing rising popularity among the masses. 

Kibo Eclipse Reviews -Do Aidan Booth And Steve Clayton’s Eight Week Program Help To Build A 7-Figure Business?

By educating students on how to incorporate e-commerce platforms to channelize their business better, Kibo Eclipse is worth a look if you are willing to invest in a holistic training program. Read on to know more about what sets Kibo Eclipse different from other training programs in the market, its pricing, benefits, and more.

Kibo Eclipse Reviews
Product nameKibo Eclipse
Item formDigital Program
BenefitsHelps to earn profit online
CreatorsAidan Booth, Steven Clayton
Program TypeAn online business training program
Important DatesPre-launch starts on – 19, January 2022
Cart opens on – 25, January 2022
Cart closes on – 01, February 2022
Price$3497 with instant discount $491
( Available payment as four installments of $997.00 each )
AvailabilityOfficial website
Money-back guarantee30 Days
Official websiteClick Here

What is Kibo Eclipse?

As per the Kibo Eclipse review, It is an eight-week-long online business training system that, through live training, teaches amateur businessmen as well as e-commerce business owners how to earn profit online. The comprehensive and lucid training program allows them the benefit to start earning as soon as they begin and simultaneously with their learning.

The course is separated into eight modules along with bonus offerings that are delivered over 8 weeks through videos and lectures. The present course is an updated version of a previous training program by the same creators that was quite successful.

Through simple methods of selling things, it guides people on how to drive customers, attract them to their website and enable them to purchase their products through attractive themes and drawing up traffic to the website. The entire course is inspired by a legendary brick-and-mortar store located in Tokyo, Japan that was famous for generating billions of dollars annually with every single product that one can imagine.

The makers have already clarified that the training program is not associated with posting ads on social media or Facebook groups. Students simply have to apply the secrets that are revealed to them in this training program to earn passive income from the business.

Creator of Kibo Eclipse Program?

Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton are the two actors behind the Kibo Eclipse eCommerce training program. Both Booth and Clayton are popular names among eCommerce affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs, enlightening them with their innovative training applications and digital marketing solutions that drive them to success.

Kibo Eclipse is one of their advanced business Growth training programs that has been created for the very purpose of attaining a high return on investment. 

Steve Clayton, an eCommerce expert with extensive experience in digital marketing and managing and leading a few organizations, collaborated with Aidan Booth, another talent in digital marketing strategies, to exhaustively cover in this program the sales tactics, trends, and products that can be a boon for eCommerce platforms. This course is intended to become a breakthrough for e-commerce platforms and businesses.

Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton are the creators of Kibo Eclipse eCommerce training program

What is included in the Kibo Eclipse eCommerce training program?

Kibo Eclipse training program is a set of modules that are oriented towards equipping learners with relevant insights pertaining to business growth. The entire course has been segregated into the following modules-

#Module 1

The first module named Central Intelligence gives the basics of marketing through step-by-step videos. In this A to Z guide, the creators guide users through each section of the training program and teach them how to secure their first income within 48 hours of enrolling in the program. Further, they will also be gaining an insight into product pricing techniques and tactics and shall be provided an inner circle secret that is a tried and tested method used by the creators to secure their 7 figure business.

#Module 2 

The second module titled StoreStorm is considered to be the most crucial module of the entire program. This is basically software that will help learners kickstart their e-commerce shop and shall introduce them to beautiful themes that they can put up on their website to drive relevant traffic into sales via websites.

#Module 3

In the third module, customers will be introduced to the 5 most valuable products that they can use to increase their income and sales alike. Through the learnings of this module, they shall be able to redeem their course fee incurred in purchasing the program. More specifically, through this module learners shall be able to earn within a few weeks of enrolling in the profit-generating system and will be able to select the right money-making products.

#Module 4

Kibo Profit Vault helps students to secure profitable opportunities from a database of three million products that they can easily set up and sell. They shall also develop their ability to pinpoint the highest quality and most profitable products that they can sell. They will be able to show their suppliers who will ship stock and do all the grunt work. All this can be analyzed in seconds through software.

#Module 5

The fifth module is the Traffic Black Box that aids in sourcing online traffic to a business’ website to enhance sales and lower down the cost of ads and related campaigns. Further, it helps in expanding profitability by making quicker sales. With a proper overlook of this module, learners can stay ahead of their competitors with quicker leads.

#Module 6

Oracle X module shall deal with filtering well-performing products that are proven to reap greater sales in the market. It aids the process of automated generation of products and along with this students also get access to the best quality domain for their eCommerce business with domain name selector. They get to work on the skills needed for product bidding and designing the logo of their website. Getting the software designed to publish a business website also saves users from the hassle of technical errors.

#Module 7

The final module of the Kibo Eclipse business training program is termed the Kibo Academy which covers expert advice from the creators that act as troubleshooting guides for a business. They shall receive first-hand support from the developer’s team around the clock and connect with other students who have enrolled in the Kibo Eclipse Program.

How does Kibo Eclipse System work? 

According to Kibo Eclipse reviews, the Kibo Eclipse profit-generating system helps you set up your own online shopping store in five simple steps and sell products through its database and using the unique set of resources and tools that come along with it. You can earn money through commissions with each product that you sell without having to buy or store any products before you start earning. 

To begin with the training program, you have to first update your store regularly with the top-selling products about which the training program will guide you and direct traffic to your store’s website by using the traffic generation methods that have been discussed in the training. The five simple steps that are followed through the training program include setting up your store for which you have to set up your online store to personally generate thousands of dollars every day. 

In the second step, you will have to identify the winning products that can be loaded into your store and that will reap greater profits than any other products. The course also briefs you with the shortcuts that you can avail of for quicker results. In step three, you will have to pick your preferred profit path and take advantage of diode traffic to reach your initial milestone that would amount to $1000 each week.

This will lead you to Step 4 where you will be accelerating your scale sales through increased conversions and profits. This will be done by implementing strategies that have been discussed in the program. The last and final step is the rinse and repeats step where you will be repeating the aforementioned processes to enhance your profit, expand your store and increase your revenue.

How does Kibo Eclipse System work

Kibo Eclipse online Course Benefits

Kibo Eclipse business growth training has been revamped and updated to cater to the contemporary needs of businesses and owners. Through eight weeks, students shall be introduced to some unique and novice ideas of business that shall help them work on their existing supplies to churn out more profit and lead their business towards financial development. 

Some of its key benefits that I could assess from several Kibo Eclipse reviews are as follows-

✅Kibo Eclipse training program helps you accelerate your sales appreciably. 

✅You can take charge of your business by learning optimization and scaling the business.

✅Kibo Eclipse business course teaches you how to generate extra income.

✅It guides you on how to build a business from scratch.

✅Users need not buy a product until they have actually sold it.

Kibo Eclipse online Course Benefits

Kibo Eclipse Business Program Pros and Cons

Before making your decision about whether to go for the Kibo Eclipse eight-week training program, you must have a mind map of where the program stands out with its features and where it falls through.


  • Users get access to free traffic generation methods.
  • It is quick and easy to understand.
  • No prepared inventory is required.
  • No extra capital is required to boost up your sales.
  • Those who are unable to engage in direct customer interactions can also benefit from it.


  • It takes time to bring up results. So it is not for those who are time-bound.
  • There are limited seats for the program.

Is Kibo Eclipse Training Program legit or not? 

The manufacturers of Kibo Eclipse business course value quality and customer satisfaction the most, so efforts have been made to secure the legitimacy of the product. The methods implemented in the program are proven and completely tested and endorsed by many distinguished marketers in the digital industry. Even if someone does not find the product to be effective enough, their payment will be secured by a 30 days, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Kibo Eclipse Customer reviews and complaints

The utility and effectiveness of the Kibo Eclipse e-commerce training program, have been supported by diverse e-commerce platforms that have noticed a development in their sales and experienced profit growth. People, especially those with no experience in business or e-commerce have been able to make use of the modules in their business to drive both free and paid relevant traffic. Positive Kibo Eclipse reviews have also attracted website owners who were able to help their USA-based suppliers ship products directly to consumers from the takeaways acquired by this program.

Kibo Eclipse Customer reviews

Kibo Eclipse Online Course Pricing and Availability

Kibo Eclipse business training course can be purchased via the official website. Customers can either make the payment in four installments of $997.00 each, which are 30 days apart, or can make a one-time payment of $3497 (with an instant discount of $491). It is strongly recommended that you enroll in the program via the official website only to ensure authenticity and to fetch the right price for the program. 

Kibo Eclipse Bonuses

Based on various Kibo Eclipse reviews, The Users who purchase the Kibo Eclipse program shall also get access to three bonus features that are exclusive of one another and are as follows-

#Bonus 1: The Secret Mastermind

This bonus is in the form of some superior workshops that entail additional methods, plans, and formulas. It provides students with a vivid picture of the e-commerce market by forming advanced outlines.

The Secret Mastermind bonus of Kibo Eclipse Online Business Training program

#Bonus 2: Kibo Code Live Recordings

In this offering, students will be provided full recordings of life events of creators along with guest speakers and inner circle intrigues. It will open avenues to developing content opportunities depending upon one’s pace and needs.

Kibo Code Live Recordings bonus of Kibo Eclipse Online Business Training program

#Bonus 3: 7-Figure Scaling Secrets

The last and final bonus comes through exclusive training sessions that will brief students on growing their humble business to a seven-figure business. Introducing learners with ways to earn money through e-commerce, this bonus is different from the others.

7-Figure Scaling Secrets bonus of Kibo Eclipse Online Business Training program

Why is Kibo Eclipse Program unique?

Kibo Eclipse course when compared to other e-commerce programs stands out in various aspects. Users relying on Kibo Eclipse will not have to face expensive traffic sources or outdated strategies. Instead, they can avail of high targeted buyer traffic that is used by this training. 

Further, they will be saved from the need of dealing with the purchase of an inventory separately. Thus, there will be no low risk incurred. Furthermore, as compared to other e-commerce programs that source products from China or other foreign countries, the only sourcing is done from American suppliers. It is also not time taking, so can be performed apart from other chores. Last but not the least, the program is not complicated to scale and provides rapid results. 

Final Verdict on Kibo Eclipse Reviews

On the basis of facts examined, Kibo Eclipse reviews assessed, and the claims made on the official website, it can be concluded that the results of Kibo Eclipse e-commerce program are quite legitimate and not just “all bark no bite” reviews. A lot of people have benefited from the product and have encouraged its use.

If you are someone who is facing rock bottom with respect to his e-commerce business or business in general, then this training program can be enrolled for if you want to start from the basics and go on to receive enhanced returns from your business. Since the results are reflective of people’s personal experiences with the training program, your diligence and consistency have a major role to play to avail of all the benefits of the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many modules of learning are there in Kibo Eclipse?

There are seven modules in the Kibo Eclipse eCommerce training program. 

Who should pursue the Kibo Eclipse course?

The Kibo Eclipse program is not restricted to any person or profession. This course is ideally meant for any person who is willing to operate a side business that is lucrative and promises additional income flow. 

What is the cost of the Kibo Eclipse program?

One who wants to buy the Kibo Eclipse course can do so by making one lump sum payment of USD 3497 wherein the person will get an immediate discount of USD 491. If someone wants to pay in parts then they have to make four payments of USD 997 scheduled at a timeline of 30 days apart from each. 

What if the Kibo Eclipse program does not work for me?

In case the Kibo Eclipse training program is ineffective for you then we will process the refund amount within 30 days of time. We will not ask any questions. 

What additional perks will I get in the Kibo Eclipse program?

In the Kibo Eclipse program, you will get 4 different bonuses. These bonuses include workshops, training, etc…


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