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Vacation Spending Grows 81% On The Kibo Platform


If you have spent a fair share of your time shopping online, then there is a good chance you have heard of Kibo. Kibo is an emerging brand in the world of e-commerce, which offers its facilities not only to individual consumers but to other businesses as well. Needless to say, its utilities have gained massive traction, and today it is being talked about at a global scale. 

Vacation Spending Grows 81% On The Kibo Platform

Kibo has taken massive efforts to personalize and customize the online shopping experience for its customers, and it seems fit to say that such undertakings are finally paying off.

All of these features of this platform have led to a growth rate of almost 81%, in terms of generating sales revenue. Reports have been received which show that Kibo’s total revenue went from 3.5 million to 6.5 million, and their total purchases also showed an exponential growth rate.

Vacation Spending Grows 81% On The Kibo Platform

Sources suggest that the adaptability to mobile commerce may have been a huge force of such large-scale growth since recent eCommerce trends have been indicating that the shift towards mobile commerce is a good fit for businesses and consumer habits are also pointing towards this way. 

The Thanksgiving weekend furthered Kibo’s online conquests, especially since people end up spending a lot more during the holiday season. Moreover, with the pandemic forcing many to shift to online shopping, this growth rate is only expected to witness a speedy rise. This can be proved by the fact that 18% of the online orders during this quarter can be traced back to the Thanksgiving holidays.

Moreover, Kibo is constantly making the effort to ensure a seamless blend between online shopping and shopping in stores, especially with the launch of the option to purchase online but pick it up in-store. All of these features point towards the fact that Kibo is all set to become a big eCommerce giant in the upcoming times. 

While the pandemic is slowing down in most places, online shopping still seems to be a hit among consumers, which means that this trend is here to stay.

This leaves plenty of room for increased development among eCommerce platforms such as Kibo, especially in terms of interface, ease of use, and designs.

As conversion rates move up (by almost 29% in the case of Kibo), customers are going to be looking for newer ways of engaging with online shopping and content in general, which means that the only way to keep up such impressive statistics would be to undertake more development initiatives. 

Surely, Kibo will deliver on such expectations, especially considering the brilliant features and opportunities that these e-commerce platforms offer.

Not only is it a hit among shoppers, but even budding eCommerce businesses are making use of it for its headless eCommerce packages. As a result, Kibo is set to make splashes in every arena that e-commerce has to offer, and is soon going to become a metaphorical mammoth in this industry.

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