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Kibo Eclipse Reviews – An Advanced Online Training Program For Future Business Millionaires![2022]


Hello Folks! If you are someone who is searching for genuine Kibo Eclipse reviews and are curious about the buzz that the program is getting, then reading this review might be helpful to you.

We all know that the global pandemic has brought many changes to our lives and among all the other changes, one of the most noticeable ones is the rise of e-commerce in the past few years. Even though e-commerce has been popular before the pandemic, in the past few years we have seen a tremendous growth of e-commerce, and the majority of the people have shifted from being traditional buyers to e-commerce buyers.

Kibo Eclipse Reviews – Do Aidan Booth And Steve Clayton’s Training Program Help To Build A Profitable Business?

This growth of e-commerce has made the sector more competitive. So if you want your business to be at the lead of this competition, you will have to use many unique techniques and methods.

Kibo Eclipse, according to the authors of the program is your ultimate solution to make your e-commerce business a successful one. Kibo Eclipse is a training program that helps you to deal with everything of an e-commerce business from setting up the business to making it successful. Read till the end of this Kibo Eclipse review to know more about this online training program that might be helpful for your online business.

kibo eclipse reviews
Product nameKibo Eclipse
Item formDigital Program
BenefitsHelps to earn profit online
CreatorsAidan Booth, Steven Clayton
Program TypeAn online business training program
Modules in Kibo EclipseKibo Incubator
Kibo Jumpstart
Kibo HQ
Kibo Oracle
Kibo Socializer
Kibo Converters
Kibo Accelerators
Kibo Mentorpoint
Price$3497 with instant discount $491
( Available payment as four installments of $997.00 each )
BonusesSocial Selling Secrets
Kibo Event Live Recordings
The Secret Mastermind
Live EventOnline Live Event On 3rd February 2022
AvailabilityOfficial website
Money-back guarantee30 Days
Official websiteClick Here

What is Kibo Eclipse Course?

Kibo Eclipse by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton is an online training program that will teach you about how to start an online business and also deals with different methods and ways to make your business highly profitable

Now you might be thinking that there are a lot of such online training programs available, so how is Kibo Eclipse different from them? The answer is that most of the online e-commerce training programs generally advise you to do your market research, choose your niche products, and sell them. The approach of Kibo Eclipse is far from the usual e-commerce business techniques. Because the program doesn’t advise you to either find your niche products or do your market research instead they help you to find products that might be highly profitable, so you are starting your business on products rather than on one product. 

Kibo Eclipse training program also includes methods that will teach you about traffic strategies to target the people who might be interested in your products, increase your sales and transactions, and help you in testing multiple products at the same time.

Who are Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton?

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are the creators of the Kibo Eclipse program. Steve Clayton has been doing online business for the past 17 years since he quitted from his corporate job.

Through his online business, Clayton has built a 7-figure revenue stream which is still the core of Aidan’s and Steve’s business. Aidan Booth started his first online business in the year 2006 to generate a small income that would allow him to be geographically independent. 

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton partnered in the year 2013 and now run various e-commerce businesses, websites, digital marketing training programs, small business marketing, etc. Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are famous for the several training programs that they have provided for hundreds of people from all over the country and were successful in helping out the majority of these people in making their e-commerce business successful.

Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton

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Previous programs of Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton

  • Kibo Code: Kibo Code is an online training program by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton that was launched in the year 2020. The program includes unique ways and techniques to do e-commerce business and has helped the students of the program start and grow their e-commerce business. The Kibo Code training program was a huge success and was effective in serving its purpose.
  • Kibo Code Quantum: Kibo Code Quantum is another online training program by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton that was conducted in the year 2021. The training program was focused on teaching their students productive business models that will help them to earn profit by selling products through online business. Kibo Code Quantum was an 8-week online program that was consisted of 7 modules that will teach about techniques and methods to grow your e-commerce business.

What is an E-commerce business?

E-commerce means a business that allows companies and individuals to buy and sell products and services through the internet. There are mainly three types of e-commerce, business to business, which is selling of products and services online from one business to another, the second one is business to consumer, that is selling products and services from a business to a consumer and the last one is consumer to consumer that is selling any products or services that a consumer has bought to another consumer.

Looking at the rise of e-commerce in recent years, we can surely say that more people will be adopting e-commerce shopping in the coming years and it might become the most widely used platform for doing business and shopping. The global e-commerce market is growing at a rapid pace and is expected to reach over $4.2 trillion in revenue by the year 2025. The e-commerce businesses will be more crowded and competitive in the coming years than it was ever before.

Main features of Kibo Eclipse

Some of the prime features of Kibo Eclipse are listed below:

  • Online program: Kibo Eclipse by Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth is an online training program, so anyone can enroll in the program and does not have any geographical barrier to consider. This enables people from all over the world to join the program and learn more about the program that might help in building their e-commerce business
  • Learn from the experts: By joining the Kibo Eclipse online training program, you will be able to learn from the experts. The program will be conducted by the creators Aiden Booth and Steve Clayton and also in-house experts who have relevant years of experience in the e-commerce business sector.
  • Suitable for everyone: The most interesting feature of the Kibo Eclipse training program is that it is suitable for everyone. Anyone with less knowledge or no knowledge in the business can enroll in the program and build their e-commerce business efficiently with the help of the program
  • Deals with every aspect of e-commerce: Kibo Eclipse online training program deals with everything that you need to for setting up an e-commerce business to make it a profitable business. The program includes workshops, methods, techniques, tips, and software that will help you build your e-commerce empire.

What is inside the Kibo Eclipse training system?

The Kibo Eclipse online course by Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth consists of 8 components and the components are:

Kibo Incubator

This is the first module of the Kibo Eclipse online program and is the core 8-week training program that will reveal every step of the system.

#Module 1 - Kibo Incubator

Kibo Jumpstart

The second component of the Kibo Eclipse training program consists of weekly live workshops by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton and also in-house experts of the program with Q&A sessions.

#Module 2 - Kibo Jumpstart

Kibo HQ

The third component of the Kibo Eclipse training program is Kibo HQ and this will provide you the access to the infrastructure that Steve Clayton and Aiden Booth have built over the last 12 years and this will enable you to build, scale, and manage your business with precision.

#Module 3 - Kibo HQ

Kibo Oracle

The Kibo Oracle is software that will help you in identifying winning products in the e-commerce sector within a matter of seconds.

Kibo Oracle

Kibo Converters

The Kibo Converts consist of conversion tools and software that will increase your profit by converting visitors to buyers.

Kibo Converters

Kibo Socializer

The Kibo Socializer will enable you to take advantage of pockets of viral social media traffic that will help in boosting the sales of products easily and quickly. 

Kibo Socializer

Kibo Accelerators

The Kibo Accelerators contain scaling and traffic secrets that will help to drive your business forward.

Kibo Accelerators

Kibo Mentorpoint

This is the last component of the Kibo Eclipse training program and is an exclusive support system from the Kibo family and other Kibo members.

Kibo Mentorpoint

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Kibo Eclipse 2022 vs Kibo Code 2020: What’s the difference?

Both Kibo Eclipse 2022 and Kibo Code 2020 is created by the same two people, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. Both of the online training programs are intended to help people build a successful e-commerce business.

Two of the programs cover major aspects of creating an e-commerce business. The only difference is that Kibo Eclipse is a more advanced online training program than Kibo Code.

The Kibo Code training program consists of 7 modules and it deals with marketing strategies, building e-commerce websites, a list of profitable products, etc. Kibo Eclipse on the other hand consists of 8 components and has advanced methods and techniques that will enable you to make your e-commerce more successful and also includes Kibo Oracle, a software that will help you to identify winning products and conversion tools and software that might help in increasing your sales.

Kibo eclipse 30 days store performance

My personal experience with Kibo Code Quantum in 2021

I was a student of the Kibo Code Quantum 2021 online program by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. To be honest, I was very skeptical about the program when I decided to join it but within a few days of attending the training, all of my doubts and suspicious about the program vanished into thin air.

Because the training has taught me about anything a person needs to know before starting their e-commerce business. One of the most interesting things about the program is that the experts carry the training in a way that it is easily understandable by everyone. As a person who didn’t have any prior knowledge of the e-commerce business or any business, I thought the training would be difficult for me to understand. But fortunately, that wasn’t the case.

The Kibo Code Quantum program helped me build my e-commerce business and now I am running it successfully by following everything that was discussed during the training.

How does the Kibo Eclipse program work?

The Kibo Eclipse program works in three steps. Now let’s go through the three steps of the system.

  • Step 1- Activate your profitable products: Step 1 of the Kibo Eclipse system involves identifying 10 profitable products and loading up and activating the chosen products in your optimized e-commerce store.
  • Step 2-Generate free traffic and sales: Step 2 of the training program is generating free traffic and sales by the software that is provided by Kibo Eclipse through the Facebook marketplace.
  • Step 3- Scale by multiplying market places: Step 3 of the program includes taking the profitable products from the Facebook marketplace and adding them to other marketing places like Google and Microsoft shopping, and also into Walmart.
Kibo Eclipse System working

Kibo Eclipse 2022 limited virtual live event

Once you enroll in the Kibo Eclipse training program, as a Kibo community member you will have the access to the “ Kibo 2022”, which is the annual event of the Kibo.

The annual event will be held online over an entire weekend. The virtual live event will be held for 2 days and will have exclusive live sessions where 7 to 8 figure e-commerce experts will be talking to you.

The Kibo Eclipse virtual live event will provide you with tips and techniques like many insider tactics and strategies, secrets for tripling your benefits, and will also discuss many case studies and success stories of various e-commerce businesses. 

Kibo Eclipse 2022 Limited Virtual Live Event

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Who is Kibo Eclipse most suitable for?

The Kibo Eclipse training program is suitable for everyone who is planning to start up their own e-commerce business from their comfort space. You don’t have to be someone with a bachelor’s or master’s in business or e-commerce to join the program.

As per Kibo Eclipse reviews, this training program is suitable for those who are dedicated and passionate about starting their own online business and want to make it successful.

Kibo Eclipse Program user reviews

Where can I get access to Kibo Eclipse training?

You can join the Kibo Eclipse online training through the official website of Kibo Eclipse. You only have to choose the options for payment of the training program and after completing the payment process, you will be enrolled in the program and the team will provide you with further details of the training.

Is there any alternative to Kibo Eclipse?

As we all know apart from Kibo Eclipse there are many online e-commerce training programs available on the internet that might help you in building a successful online business.

Some of them are commission hero, 12-minute affiliate, etc. But compared with the major online training programs, what makes Kibo Eclipse stand out is that the program chooses a unique approach to e-commerce business and also provides you with everything necessary for creating a highly profitable e-commerce business.

Kibo Eclipse 7days growth results

Kibo Eclipse Customer reviews and complaints

By looking at the hundreds of customers of the Kibo Eclipse online training program, it is evident that the training is as effective as the creator claims it to be.

The majority of the people who have participated in the program have stated in their Kibo Eclipse reviews that the training has delivered everything that they needed for starting their online business and has provided every supports that they needed.

Many of the students were able to build their desired e-commerce business with the help of the program and are earning profit from the same business.

The customers have said in their Kibo eclipse reviews, that the tools, methods, and techniques that are provided by the program played a significant role in the success of their e-commerce business.

Kibo Eclipse Customer reviews 2022

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How much does the Kibo Eclipse cost?

The cost of Kibo Eclipse is $3988 and there are two schemes available for you to get the Kibo Eclipse.

  • Scheme 1: The first option is to pay the full amount of the program and get an instant discount of $491. So you will only be charged $3497.
  • Scheme 2: The second option is to make a payment of $997 initially. You will have to make the second payment in 30 days, the third one in 60 days, and the final payment in 90 days.


Kibo Eclipse Bonuses [2022]

The Kibo Eclipse training program comes with 3 bonuses. The bonuses are listed below:

Bonus 1: Social Selling Secrets

Bonus 1 is a program called social selling secrets that will teach you about creating massive traffic for your e-commerce business on social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and more. This will help you in connecting with more audiences and increasing your brand awareness.

#Bonus 1: Social Selling Secrets

Bonus 2: Kibo Event Live Recordings

Bonus 2 is the Kibo Event live recordings. You will get access to the full recordings of Kibo’s live event with guest speakers and inner circle secrets. You will be able to listen to experts speaking about e-commerce business and will also get to know many secrets that will come in handy in making your e-commerce more profitable.

#Bonus 2: Kibo Event Live Recordings

Bonus 3: The Secret Mastermind

Bonus 3 is an advanced workshop offered by Kibo and is named The secret mastermind. According to Kibo Eclipse reviews, this workshop will provide you with additional tactics, formulas, and strategies that will help in building a successful e-commerce business.

#Bonus 3: The Secret Mastermind

Do they offer a money-back guarantee?

The Kibo Eclipse program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with the training program or feel like the program may not be the right option for you, then you can get a refund within 30 days of enrolling in the program. This money-back guarantee offer shows the confidence of Clayton and Booth in their training program.

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Our final take on Kibo Eclipse Reviews [2022]

There are numerous online training programs available on the internet but by closely assessing Kibo Eclipse, it seems like out of all the online training programs available, Kibo Eclipse seems like the most effective one. Because, as per Kibo Eclipse reviews, unlike other training programs, Kibo Eclipse has a different approach to e-commerce business and the approach appears to be highly profitable. The Kibo Eclipse program is created by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, who has created several other training programs and are famous for helping out people through their program.

So overall, the Kibo Eclipse training program seems like a legit option for anyone who is interested in starting up their e-commerce business and is an effective way too. The Kibo Eclipse reviews also suggest the same. Being someone who was part of Steve and Aidan’s previous programs and someone who is running a profitable e-commerce business because of their training program, I strongly recommend choosing Kibo Eclipse’s online training program to build a successful e-commerce business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who developed the Kibo Eclipse training program?

The Kibo Eclipse training program was developed by the famous Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth.

Do I need any degree or education qualification to join the program?

No, you don’t need any of that to join the program. The program is suitable for everyone interested in starting an e-commerce business.

What do the customers of Kibo Eclipse say about the program?

The majority of the customer reviews of the programs state that the program is as effective and helpful as it claims to be.

Is this an online or offline program?

Kibo Eclipse is an online training program, so you can access the training from any part of the world.

How much does the training program cost?

The cost of Kibo Eclipse is $3988 but you have two options by which you can do the payment. To know more about the cost and the options, please visit the official website.


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