How Much Can You Earn From YouTube in the USA?

If someone had asked you how much you think people can make from making videos about 10-15 years ago, you would have easily said, “is it even possible to earn by making videos?”

YouTube has become a massive success and down the line 15 years, it is one of those careers that pay content creators in the most handsome manner. But, as we all know in life, there is nothing without hard work.

Can You Build Business Via Youtube?

YouTubers need to struggle a lot before they get enough subscribers and views to start earning. But once you reach that sweet spot, it’s an awesome world up there. So, in regards to this same topic, let’s see how much you can earn from YouTube in the USA in 2021.

How Much Can You Earn From YouTube in the USA

Minimum criteria to monetize your channel

Not every channel you see on YouTube is monetized. As explained earlier, to monetize your channel and transfer earnings to your bank, you must fulfill a few conditions set up by YouTube. And these conditions are:-

✔️You must have 1000 subscribers minimum on your channel.

✔️You must have 4000 unique views in the last 12 months.

✔️You must have an Adsense account.

✔️You must sign the terms and conditions policy of YouTube.

✔️You must get reviewed by the YouTube team before getting verified for earning.

How much can you earn for each view you get?

We have collected data from various sources and have found out that YouTube pays somewhere between 0.01 USD to 0.03 USD per view. Well, the pay can largely be at one price point for you, but in general, you can expect anywhere between these two limits. Now, the factors which affect these can be:-

  1. Quality of ads
  2. Adblockers used by users
  3. Length of your video
  4. number of views you get
  5. Number of clicks a view gets on his ads

How much can you get for every 1000 views you get?

Now, as we have said that each view fetched somewhere between 0.01 to 0.03 USD, adding extra revenue and variables, a YouTuber can easily earn somewhere from 17-18USD per 1000 ad views. And this makes 3-5 USD per 1000 video views. Please note that this value can easily change depending on the type of video you publish.

How much can you get for each subscriber you have?

Currently, YouTube doesn’t have an algorithm that pays you according to your subscriber count, but they may add something in the future.  The rules may change at any time.

How much can you get for each video you upload

Just like subscribers, YouTube doesn’t pay you based on your number of videos. All that counts while calculating the pay is the number of views you get and the number of ad clicks you get. Other than these factors, all the other things don’t count for revenue generation.

Now, as explained, subscriber count doesn’t matter for revenue calculation. But it surely affects the revenue generation. This is because the lower the sub count you have, the lower the revenue will be.

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