Still Waiting!!! Makoto Shinkai Revealed A Glimpse Of His New Film At AnimeJapan

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Makoto Shinkai revealed a life-sized recreation of the visual of his newest movie Suzume noTojimari. The key visual had a marvelous display at this year’s AnimeJapan convention. Suzume no Tojimari can be loosely translated as Suzume’s Door-Locking and the door that is being referred to in the name is the door recreated as a part of the visual. 

Makoto Shinkai Revealed A Glimpse Of His New Film!

A personal message was also included with the display from Shinkai that read – “For these past two years, I feel like I’ve been traveling with Suzume to a faraway place. The staff has been working as one to ensure that she reaches the places she needs to be and that her journey can be enjoyed by many viewers. I hope you can look forward to its opening.”

Makoto Shinkai Revealed A Glimpse Of His New Film At AnimeJapan

Masayoshi Tanaka is the character designer of the anime film animated by the animation directors Kenichi Tsuchiya and Takumi Tanji. Masayoshi was excited for the film to release and commented that he is looking forward to unveiling his designs of the characters and Kenichi spoke at the convention praising the work of the staff and how as a team they are trying to convey the precise emotions in the storyboard. Animation director Takumi Kanji also took the liberty to comment on the film, quoting “a new step forward.”

The film portrays Suzume, a 17-year-old girl hailing from a quiet town Kyushu. The girl eventually meets a young man who will be in search of a door. The creator described the movie as an adventure story and a road movie as both the characters find a door together on a mountain. Suzume opens the door and several doors across Japan will open which brings disasters from another dimension. 

Shinkai also elegantly explains that the story is all about closing doors and not opening them. He related the theme of the movie to real-life elaborating that closed doors refer to finishing something that we have started. The film is directed and screenplays by Shinkai himself who has also made the story. Takumi Tanji is the art director who is famous for the movie Children Who Chase Lost Voices. The movie is produced by CoMix Wave Films and Story Inc. with TOHO distributing the film. 

Standards are kept a little high prior to knowing that Makoto Shinkai is the master brain of the film. Shinkai’s Your Name made millions making it the 3rd highest-grossing anime movie of all time. The film is all set to open in Japan in the fall of 2022. 

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