My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date, Studio, Is It Happy Marriage Life??

My Happy Marriage is a popular manga series in Japan. The manga’s main character, Miyo Saimori, is born on a planet where people acquire unique abilities that differ based on their families.

Is It Happy Marriage Life??

Miyo did not inherit any magical talents despite being born into a well-known family, and her own family has sent her aside for the same reason.

My Happy Marriage Anime

Miyo is treated like a servant by everyone, including her half-sister. Miyo is eventually taken to the Kudo residence to be a bridesmaid for Kiyoka Kudo.

Miyo, a noble-born abused woman, and Kiyoka, a cold-hearted soldier, are scheduled to marry in the show’s plot. To maintain a peaceful relationship, the two eventually express their feelings to each other, regardless of the circumstances.

The original My Happy Marriage series was created as a light book by author Akumi Agitogi and illustrator Tsukiho Tsukioka.

The anime version of Kinema Citrus will include some of Japan’s most well-known voice actors.

My Happy Marriage Anime Announcement

The announcement was revealed via a tweet from the official account of My Happy Marriage Anime on April 5, 2022. According to the tweet, the text was in the process of being written.

It also revealed who would be playing the key roles and who would be voicing them. On the other hand, the creators did not stop there. A quick teaser, as well as a prominent visual, were shown to fans. A general introduction of the series is provided in this 1-minute clip.

The events might be seen as the beginning of My Happy Marriage. There were times when Miyo, the primary character, was the centre of attention, and only a little section of the legendary Kiyoka Kudo made it through.

Studio Kinema Citrus has definitely done a great job, based on the positive comments the photographs have received. Overall, eager fans are now anticipating a concrete release date to pencil down on their calendars.

The names of people who will be joining the behind-the-scenes crew have been announced through Twitter. One of them is Takehiro Kubota, who will take over as director.


Ami Sato, Takahito Onishi, and Momoka Toyoda will handle the scripts, while Takao Abo will handle the storyboards. Evan Call also composes and plays the music.

Finally, Studio Kinema Citrus, a well-known Japanese studio, will develop the show. The voices of the two main characters were also included in the post. Miyo Saimori will be played by Reina Uda, while Kiyoka Kudo will be played by Kaito Ishikawa.

Fans of this series will enjoy a new romantic story. The novel’s protagonist, Miyu Saimori, has lived her entire life as a consequence of her family’s magical abilities.

Her life has been a disaster, and to make matters worse, her family arranges for her to marry Kiyoka Kudo. Kiyoka is a dangerous individual if the reports are accurate. Things change, though, as the man reveals a new side of himself.

Stay tuned for the upcoming anime My Happy Marriage. Fans are eagerly waiting for it. 

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