The WC Baseball Game Will Feature Taylor Sheridan! Is It Possible To Work On Nine Different Series At The Same Time?

Taylor Sheridan, the Academy Award-nominated screenwriter, producer, and actor in the hit show “Yellowstone,” will appear at the Weatherford College baseball game against Temple College on Saturday, April 30.

The WC Baseball Game Will Feature Taylor Sheridan!

The doubleheader begins at 12 noon at Roger Williams Ballpark.

Sheridan will accompany his 11-year-old son Gus to the mound while Sheridan throws the ceremonial opening pitch of game one.

Saturday is also Coyotes annually celebrated First Responders Day, whereby firefighters, police officers, EMTs, police officers, etc., from any municipality or department, will be granted entry for free and a hot dog chip, a drink, and a hot dog.

General admission costs $5. Seniors and children 12 and under get in free.

First responders of all ranks are welcome to be part of the Coyotes on the field for the national anthem before the game. To be a part of the event, you must meet in the grassy area on the 3rd baseline around 11:45 a.m.

The doubleheader on Saturday kicks off a series of six crucial games to finish off the regular season for WC. The Coyotes have an advantage of one game over Temple to secure their fourth regional championship spot in the Northern Texas Junior College Athletic Conference.

Taylor Sheridan About Yellow Stone

Incorporating into consideration the Dutton Ranch legacy and looking at it from the perspective of “Yellowstone: 1883” is crucial for showing the creator Taylor Sheridan.

Sheridan and Paramount+ already announced that “Y:1883” will be a spinoff of the highly successful “Yellowstone” western drama, and it will be an element of the Paramount+ Network.

In discussing the new show, Sheridan speaks about the crucial role of telling stories to the viewers.

Taylor Sheridan Wanted To Make ‘Yellowstone’ Bigger

Finding the idea about “Yellowstone,” which stars Kevin Costner as John Dutton, was the impetus for Sheridan to develop the project further.

The good news is that Sheridan and his team are sure to go all out to extend the storyline. The fans who are fans of “Yellowstone” better buckle up to ride along because “Y:1883” will move through various times. The idea is to explore the legacy of 130 years left by the Dutton family.

“What an opportunity to witness the first Duttons to come to Montana,” Sheridan stated. “We witnessed them as they were living in their homesteads. When we refer to “the Wild West, what that actually signifies is the Wild West is a West outside the realm of the law, and it’s really the start of an empire prior to it becoming an empire.”

Second ‘Yellowstone’ Spinoff Is In The Works, Too

In the meantime, if “Yellowstone” fans didn’t have enough news, then prepare for ‘6666.’

Sheridan is just having this second spinoff approved through Paramount+ (formerly CBS All Access). The sequel Yellowstone spinoff will be

tentatively named “6666”, and the focus will shift on Texas as well as away from Montana in Montana, the place where “Yellowstone” and “Y:1883” are the main focus.

The announcement of 6666 comes shortly after the early 2021 launch of Yellowstone 1883 or Y:1883, the prequel series that is scheduled to follow the descendants of John Dutton through America’s historical Westward Expansion.


“Yellowstone: 1883” is already set and is in the full series’ in February.

The world’s fans enjoy the fresh take on the life of the West. With the main show as well as two spinoffs, it’s probably a safe wager it will grow into an even bigger name on the TV.

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