Jennifer Lawrence's Baby's Gender Is Accidently Revealed By Ellen DeGeneres
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Despite being very social, every Hollywood actor turns private at one point in their life. This is the point the time at which the people either turn into parents or get married. Something similar to this has happened with Jennifer Lawrence. This famous actress was always extremely social and public about even the smallest detail of her life. 

She Gave Birth To A Newborn Baby In February

But ever since February passed away, she has become extremely private in her life. She gave birth to a newborn baby in February, and after that, she expected the most amount of privacy in her life.

Ellen DeGeneres Accidentally Reveals The Gender Of Jennifer Lawrence's Baby

The expectation is to enjoy some moments with the young one because she knows that she won’t have this time once she gets back to work.


Jennifer Lawrence became so secretive about everything that she did not even reveal the gender of her baby since February to the media. There were many speculations and rumors, but nothing was confirmed for the time being. But it was recently that Ellen DeGeneres accidentally revealed that Jennifer Lawrence and her husband Cooke Maroney had become the parents of a baby boy. Jennifer Lawrence made this disclosure in the appearance that she made in the last episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 


Ellen was able to congratulate Jennifer on getting married to the love of her life and getting blessed with her first child after that. It is important to mention that Ellen is pretty confident about the disclosure, and she should be because she and Jennifer have been good neighbors for the longest time. There is a very bleak possibility that the news given by Ellen would be false, and she is just making a publicity stunt. 

Even though Jennifer has not personally and officially announced the gender of the baby, it seems that Ellen has already verified this information beforehand. But this seems to be a bit controversial because Jennifer might have thought something, due to which she had kept her baby away from the public spotlight. Even the couple had not moved out of the house with the baby ever since the birth to prevent unnecessary media coverage.

Reasons To Hide 

Cooke and Jennifer got married in 2019 after dating for 1 year. In September 2021, they finally broke the news of their pregnancy, and it was in February that she got blessed with the baby. She was able to maintain confidentiality throughout her pregnancy journey as well. This was technically helpful to enjoy a smooth journey without any media coming. 


She could easily focus on her life and enjoy every moment of the medium that might have taken away from her. It is believed that she enjoys the same intention to prevent any media bias toward her newborn baby. 


The disclosure of the gender without the parents’ consent is likely to complicate the issues between the two neighbors. There is a possibility that Ellen does not react and Jennifer doesn’t mind, but it is completely uncertain what the future course of action would be. There has been no official statement released up till now. It is expected that there will be a disclosure and an exchange of thoughts anytime soon


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