Dwyane Wade Congratulates Transgender Daughter Zaya. She Also Reveals Her Safety Fears!
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Since his daughter’s official coming out in February 2020, the former NBA legend has been a fervent advocate for her. Gun violence and transphobia were one of his main concerns, he said.”As fortunate as it is for my daughter to have parents who can support her, I’m still terrified every time she leaves home,” the former NBA player, who is now 40, said to CNN of his daughter, 15 years old Zaya, on the TIME100 summit on Monday, June 7. “Not only because of gun violence, but also because of how others see her in this society.”

Dwyane Wade Congratulates Transgender Daughter Zaya For Reveals Her Safety Fears!

A former Miami Heat player also addressed anti-trans political issues and urged politicians to live a day in the footsteps of his daughter. In an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in February of 2020, the player disclosed Zaya’s gender identity and stated, “First, first and foremost, my spouse Gabrielle Union and I are thrilled parents of a child who is part of the LGBTQ+ community. We’re proud allies too.”We take our parental roles and obligations extremely seriously.” “It’s our obligation as parents to listen” and “provide them the greatest knowledge and feedback we can,” he said. This won’t change since sexuality is currently an element of the equation.”

Dwyane Wade Congratulates Transgender Daughter Zaya For Reveals Her Safety Fears!

Wade was born on 17 January 1982 in Chicago, Illinois, to JoLinda and Dwyane Wade Sr. as the second child of two. Wade is grateful to his grandmother for the peculiar spelling of his and his father’s initial names. When JoLinda got married to Wade’s father, she already had two children with Wade: Dwyane and his elder sister Tragil. Wade’s parents split up when he turned just four months old. Wade was adamant about his early years in Chicago’s South Side as tough.

JoLinda was granted custody of his two children following the split of his parents. JoLinda was a drug addict and was at and off prison. Tragil played with her brother by believing that they went to the movies at the age of eight old, then took him home to live with his mother and father. Wade visited his mother occasionally until his father moved their family to Robbins, Illinois, where Wade could not see her for two more years.

Wade was able to stay clear of the lures of gangs and drugs by focussing on football and basketball. Tragil, Wade said, was the person who helped him play the right direction most. Wade loved Michael Jordan as a child and shaped his game in the style of Michael Jordan. JoLinda was able to make a change in her life on the 14th of October 2001, when Wade’s basketball career began to take off. She says she’s not used any drug since 2003.

Wade was part of the United States national team in 2004. Wade was averaging 19.3 scores per game for the team in the FIBA World Championship in Japan. A bronze trophy was awarded by the United States national team. Wade was a part of the US national squad from 2006 until 2008. He was also a co-captain of the 2006 team, along with James Anthony and James Anthony.

The United States went unbeaten and took home gold at the 2008 Summer Olympics after beating Spain in 2006, the World Champions. Wade is the team’s top scorer who scored 27 points in just 27 minutes, based on 75 percent field-goal shooting, while adding four steals, two assists, and two rebounds. Wade played a key role in guiding teams from the US to gold medals at the Olympics for the first time in the year 2000, with 16 points, four rebounds, two assists, and 2.3 steal over 18 minutes on 67 percent shooting from the field, 4 two assists, two rebounds as well as 2.3 steals.

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