Who Is Nickmercs Girlfriend What Is His Relationship Status Net Worth, Age & All Facts!!
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Nick Kolcheff, also known as NickMercs, is a 28-year-old American professional gamer, streamer, YouTuber, and social media celebrity who was born on November 21, 1990, in Detroit, Michigan, United States, under the water sign of Scorpio. His YouTube channel, which he created on December 4, 2011, was the start of his streaming career.

Who Is Nickmercs Girlfriend? What Is His Relationship Status? Net Worth, Age & All Facts!!

Who Is Nickmercs Girlfriend What Is His Relationship Status Net Worth, Age & All Facts!!

Nick used to just play Call of Duty and Gears of War, but following the advent of the blockbuster battle royale game Fortnite, he became a celebrity. He broke various records while playing this game, resulting in a fan base of several million followers on YouTube and Twitch.

Nickmercs Age And Height

Nick Mercs stands 5ft 11in (180cm) tall, weighs 179lbs (81kgs), and has a ripped physique thanks to his regular weightlifting workouts. He was born on November 21, 1990, and is currently 30 years old.

Nickmercs Net Worth

He has a net worth of almost $2 million as of August 2019, according to various reliable sources, which he has amassed from competing in several eSports competitions and placing high in national and international rankings. Sponsorships and Twitch contributions now account for the majority of his income.

Nickmercs Career

Nick was a well-known figure in the Gears of War community before becoming a streamer. As part of Team Envyus, he competed in a number of important events alongside fellow Fortnite broadcaster HighDisortion. They were a fantastic duo who rose to prominence in the eSports world. Then Nick began playing Halo and met another well-known professional player, who now goes by the moniker Ninja. They began as rivals, with severe insults and trash talk flying back and forth between them. Things were so heated at one point that the two almost met in person to fight. Fortunately, this did not occur, and the two are now excellent friends who stream together regularly.

Nickmercs Relationship

NickMercs is presently dating Emumita Bonita, whom he refers to as Emu. They’ve been dating for some time, and he even surprised her with an $800 Nintendo system for her birthday in 2018.

While they keep their relationship secret, Nick frequently posts about their disputes and disagreements on social media. He proposed to Emumita during a live streaming session, and she accepted, but they haven’t set a date for their wedding.

How Did He Develop A Love For Gaming?

NickMercs has always been honest about his addiction to games, unlike other gamers who never discuss the “evil side” of gaming. ‘Everything I thought about at school was gaming,’ Nick reflected during a Twitch broadcast. ‘I was bored in class, so I designed Call of Duty maps and Gears of War characters.’ Kolcheff Sr., like any other dad, despised his son’s addiction and tried everything he could to stop him. Nick’s father broke his XBOX in an attempt to stop his son from squandering time during one of their disputes.

 This caused young Nick to flee his home for a while, but the two eventually reunited as Kevin realized that his son wasn’t simply playing about — he was genuinely decent. As a result, dad authorized Nick to go to Lone Jack, Missouri, where he joined a gaming team that was preparing for national and international contests.


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