Katy Tur Opens Up About Her Reactions To Her Dad Zoey Tur!
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The transgender activist Zoey Tur openly raked his daughter over LGBT social media following an article in the Sunday New York Times that featured an article about NBC reporter Katy Tur in anticipation of her upcoming book that will be available in bookstores. For those who don’t know, Zoey Tur is a former news helicopter pilot who gained notoriety for the recently made-up woman that threatened author Ben Shapiro with physical harm on public television.

Katy Tur Opens Up About Her Reactions To Her Dad Zoey Tur!

Katy Tur hardly mentioned her father in the story which is a rare occurrence in the history of The New York Times, which has been the main source for everything transgender. Tur senior’s behavior was smug and cruel.

Tur’s primary strategy for psychological manipulation is to paint him as an exemplary soldier who is fighting an ideal cause. But, accepting Tur’s accusation of his daughter is a matter of accepting the truth. It’s ridiculous to suggest that a journalist who is liberal is afraid to be pro-LGBT since it could affect her work.

Tur’s main gaslight is to appear that he is a victim while asking about his daughter’s credibility. The narcissistic wound he has suffered: His daughter has no desire to visit him. His life is tough. On the radio, it was reported that he “came out.” The birthday boy was having a party. He was embarrassed.

Katy Tur Opens Up About Her Reactions To Her Dad Zoey Tur!

It is not an anti-postmodern ideology that must be accepted in conjunction in conjunction with LGBT issues. A lot of adult kids with LGBT parents believe that society has not yet accepted the inherent dangers of child abuse since the academic and media “allies” are determined to remain silent about it.

Reading through the comments to Tur’s piece is another method of observing what I’m talking about to the LGBT community and assessing greater understanding. Commenters have a range of opinions however, the majority is in favor of this view. Certain commentators’ reactions were immediate and emotional.

“Why take it public?”. The reason is the reason. Simply stated the victim was turned into an object of attention in public because the public was excited. This is how the story begins. This is vital since public humiliation and shaming are followed by the isolation of an individual. This is one of the main strategies used by the movement.

Within the LGBT community, abuse by crowdsourcing is a popular method of influencing and hurting people around them, including relatives and even their children. It is possible to see it in person because of the Internet. The risk of violence is becoming the hallmark of the gender identity movement, far more so than the usual warnings about social, professional, and financial devastation.

What is the maximum distance it can go? Randy Stair, a.k.a. Andrew Blaze, who also identified himself as a woman expressed his anger and victimhood via social media in early June. “I simply want to kill them, no matter who,” said Andrew Blaze. He then shut the doors, stopping anyone from getting out, and then shot at all of the employees who were “transphobic” employees, killing three of them, and later self-inflicted death.

Tur’s intention to publicly humiliate his daughter and enrage the masses against her is a shockingly common LGBT parenting behavior. A growing number of adult LGBT youngsters are familiar with the methods and culture of child abuse that have not been labeled and documented in public or even articulated and do not have a traditional or cultural equivalent in family and parenting relationships.

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