Stranger Things 4 Crosses 1 Billion Hours Of View After 28 Days Of Release!

One billion hours have been watched on Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 4. Streaming service and the second most popular title ever.

1.15 billion hours were spent watching Season 4 of Stranger Things when it was released last week. Squid Game is the most well-known example of this genre. Stranger Things season two’s Squid Game was seen by 1.65 billion people in just 28 days after its release, according to data. Stranger Things is almost certain to remain at the top of the list through July 28 and finally beat Squid Game’s record of viewing hours.

Stranger Things 4 Soon To Surpass The Record Of Squid Game

Stranger Things’ first seven episodes racked up 930.32 million viewing hours in its first 28 days on Netflix. In just a few days from June 27 to July 3, 301.28 million hours of viewing time were recorded for the eight and nine episodes.

According to the most recent data, if Stranger Things’ viewership continues at this rate, it will surpass the record set by the Korean movie.

Even before the fourth season aired, Stranger Things 4 had already gained in popularity and was seen as a boon for the program. The run time of 778 minutes is 60 percent longer than the Squid Game’s run time. As a result, the show was able to pack in more episodes per season. The most recent release is more than double the length of the first season.

Stranger Things 4 Crosses 1 Billion Hours Of View After 28 Days Of Release!

As a second factor, the last episode was released in two distinct seasons, which is quite a long time for a single episode.

Netflix’s all-time popularity rankings often only consider viewing hours accrued during the first 28 days following the premiere of a movie or series. For movies and series that are distributed in two separate volumes, Netflix has a different protocol in place. The most recent episode of Stranger Things was released in two long installments.

For the first 28 days of Stranger Things’ release, Netflix tallied up the viewing hours. Now, Netflix has tallied up the viewing hours for a total of 56 days. Counting backward from Friday, when the final two episodes of season three were released, all of season one was viewed within a 28-day period.

In the past few years, Netflix has been enforcing tight viewership targets. House of Cards creator Beau Willimon put Netflix’s original programming on the map, but the business has indicated that it will never share its audience figures with him.

As Stranger Things’ final two episodes aired, Netflix’s doors opened and the show grew in popularity. Netflix then included a “top-trending” option to its shows, which helped consumers identify the most popular Netflix shows.


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