Twists In Vecna’s Finale Supports 6 Theories From Stranger Things

Twists In Vecna's Finale Supports 6 Theories From Stranger Things
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Vecna’s last battle with Hawkeye in Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 validated six theories about the show’s antagonist. In the previous two episodes, which clocked in at over four hours each, the main protagonists’ plan to take on Vecna was put into action, bringing together all of the season’s stories. What Number One was he was up to in the Upside Down was exposed in these two episodes.

Twists In Vecna’s Finale Supports 6 Theories From Stranger Things

To date, the Hellfire Club’s name for the monster Vecna has served as the season-defining enigma. His motivations for viciously murdering children, his connection to the Victor Creel case, and why he waited until now to make his main move were some of the most critical narrative points in Season 4.

Twists In Vecna's Finale Supports 6 Theories From Stranger Things

The fact that Henry Creel, Number One, and Vecna are all the same person was revealed in the first seven episodes of Season 4 and shed light on many of the character’s motivations. Nevertheless, the events of Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 demonstrated that there were still some startling twists to come.

As the many threads of Strangers Things season, 4 came together, a clear picture of Vecna’s grand design and implications for season 5 began to take shape. Indeed, no one could predict some of the key twists in the last two episodes, but the season’s conclusion still managed to stun. Stranger Things season 4 volume 2 confirmed seven critical assumptions about the showdown, which are listed here.

Vecna Invented The Mind Flayer And Designed it

Before publishing the last two episodes, many speculated that the Mind Flayer was a creation of Vecna or an extension of the villain. Contrary to what Dustin said, Vecna is not a “five-star general” of the Mind Flayer as he claimed. In the end, they did have a connection, but it wasn’t what the characters thought it was.

Supported rumors that Number One created the Mind Flayer, which answers why it resembled a tarantula (Henry Creel had an arachnid interest) and why it has the same powers as Eleven and Number One; this was seen in series 2 of Stranger Things. The Mind Flayer by Vecna is not the other way around.

Everything Was Under The Control Of Vecna

With the Demogorgon, the Mind Flayer, and now Vecna, the series’ principal adversaries have faced off against each other in some key battles. Vecna was supposed to be the core of all their problems from the start; stories appeared to stand alone throughout season 4. Eleven’s error in opening the first Gate in season 1 might be to Vecna, who has a tie to the Mind Flayer. 

Season 4 of Stranger Things revealed that Vecna was really in command of everything, even though it was still unclear how that was possible. Their investigation revealed that Vecna was the brains behind the Mind Flayer and season 1’s events. According to the Eleven, Dr. Brenner’s search for Number One was the driving force behind his search for the Upside Down, ultimately leading to the Gate being opened and Will being captured.

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