Captain America 4 Sequel Release Date Confirmed, Trailer, And More

Anthony Mackie Reportedly Confirmed For Captain America 4 Sequel Release Date, Trailer, And Cast
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With the completion of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier upon us, fans’ attention now turns to what the future controls for the two titular characters. While it is still not clear if there will be a second part of the series, now titled Captain America and the Winter Soldier, we know that at least one character will be back again in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Anthony Mackie Reportedly Confirmed For Captain America 4 Sequel Release Date, Trailer, And Cast

It was assured that Marvel Studios is presently developing a 4th Captain America movie and the news of the MCU movie’s enhancement broke on the very same day that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s finale was aired. Naturally, Anthony Mackie is predicted to reprise his character. 

Captain America 4 Sequel Release Date Confirmed, Trailer, And More

Captain America 4 Release Date

Season 4 of Captain America movie will probably release either May 2024 or in the latter half of 2024.

At the moment, Captain America 4 was the last MCU movie proclaimed and still does not have a release date, although production is due to begin this year, so the earliest it can be out is during May 2024 or later.

At the moment, the plot and even the certified title of Captain America 4 are wholly under wraps, after being set up by the final episode of last year’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Disney Plus series. Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson is the only ensured character, although it wouldn’t be amazement if his series partner Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) also made an appearance.


Unsurprisingly, there is no trailer. But be sure to check back as we’ll keep this page updated with all the up-to-date Captain America 4 news.

Captain America 4 Cast

Anthony Mackie will come back to play Sam Wilson, formerly better-known as The Falcon, who is presently the new Captain America. It makes the most sense for Mackie to be Captain America, precisely after the series finale of Marvel, The Falcon, and the Winter Soldier. In the episode, Wilson grips his new character as Captain America. 

In addition, Chris Evans has addressed problems and rumors online concerning Mackie’s casting as Captain America through a tweet. Audiences have been hoping and speculating that Chris Evans could be back again as Captain America, but in an interview on Disney D23 Podcast, he said that Mackie has the protection now. 

We may also see other characters from the series like Emily Van Camp as Sharon Carter, Wyatt Russell as U.S. Agent, and Danny Ramirez as Joaquin Torres.

Anthony Mackie Reportedly Confirmed For The Sequel

After commended transformation of Anthony Mackie in the Disney+ series Falcon & the Winter Soldier, he has officially signed on to star in Captain America 4. 

He reportedly closed a deal to officially star in Captain America 4. In addition, since 2004 he has been working in the industry, starring in films such as Million Dollar Baby, 8 Mile, and many others. The prominent actor made his MCU debut as Sam Wilson in Captain America: The Winter Soldier in 2014. 

Presently, it is not clear when Captain America 4 is going to release, but it is no surprise Anthony Mackie has signed on for the Film. 

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