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Suing Angelina Jolie, Sale Of Stake French Winery


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been a power couple in Hollywood who parted ways in 2016. But, the recent news stated that Brand Pitt has sued his ex-wife Angelina Jolie for selling her stake in the French Winery named Chateau Miraval. Calling her act vindictive, he said that Jolie has tried to sell 50 percent of her stakes secretively.

As Brad and Angelina are co-owners of the 17th-century estate, the other partner must be informed before making any movements. He, also, said that Angelina has tried to sell the stake to an alleged Russian oligarch and spirits seller. 

Negotiations Ended, Terms Of Purchase Agreement Being Agreed

As the new allegations are levied, an updated complaint has been filed against Angelina Jolie in June at Los Angeles Superior Court.

Suing Angelina Jolie, Sale Of Stake French Winery

In this matter, the plea has been submitted to cancel the deal made between the Russian billionaire and Jolie. Certainly, the judges are required to go through the case and ensure all the documentation and accusations fall in place to deal with the matter.

Along with this, Brand Pitt has termed Angelina’s act of selling a part of her share as unlawful.

The Excellence Of French Winery

The French winery named Chateau Miraval was bought by Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie in 2008 for 25 million Euros. According to the deal and the court papers, it was decided that either of the buyers cannot sell their share without the consent of the other partner.

As soon as the winery was bought, it became a passion of Brad Pitt to transform the winery into a multimillion venture. Under his guidance and ownership, the winery did a stupendous business by selling premium quality “Rose Wine”.

He worked hard to develop a great business plan and ensured the plan is put into practice. 

On the other hand, Angelina Jolie had little involvement in the winery business. Rather, she enjoyed the winery estate as a holiday retreat for the family.

Here, she stayed before giving birth to her twins in 2008. Apart from this, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie tied the knot in a lavish wedding at the winery in 2014.

Indeed, the stately-built Chateau Marvel has 35 bedrooms with a qualitatively equipped recording studio, and a private lake. The entire premises are scattered in an area of 1800 acres.

After the couple bought the winery, it started minting profits by producing a variety of champagnes and wines. 

Present Condition Of The Accusations

Terminating the negotiations and the conditions of the buying deal, Jolie attempted to sell half of her share to Shefler. In fact, Shefler has been renowned for producing wines and spirits on a large scale. He is best known for selling the Stolichnaya Vodka brand.

As the main shareholder of the SPI Group, he made a bid for Chateau Marvel in 2016 after the couple’s split. To get his share, he offered 60 million Euros to Angelina Jolie and a discounted private jet.

Brad Pitt got to know about the secret deal through a press release in October 2021. Though Shefler has tried to take control of the premises; but, the possibilities are few.

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