Internet864511320: Meaning of Twitter’s cryptic Posts Explained!

864511320: Meaning of Twitter’s cryptic Posts Explained!


In a recent Forbes Magazine article, What #864511320 Means to You by Michael E. Gerber and Robert Pagliarini, the following was disclosed:

What does ‘864511320’ mean? Twitter’s cryptic posts explained!

Interesting factoid recently discovered: The original Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol for 864511320 is essentially identical to that of the Western Union company telegram delivery symbol. What does it mean, you ask? What else could it be but love and compassion for your fellow man? What do you think now? Interesting, isn’t it?

Another tendency has emerged among Twitter users. The meaning of the number 864511320 is as follows.

Viral videos, dancing challenges, popular hashtags, and much more have all found their way onto social media.

Everyone is making internet content these days, from Snapchat to TikTok. Celebrities and entire families have participated in TikTok challenges and experimented with Instagram effects.

On Twitter, the mysterious phrase ‘8645113320′ has already gone viral. So, what is the significance of this message?

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‘864511320’ meaning explained

By typing 864511320 into a web-search engine, the first page of results will be almost entirely links which use it as an example of synchronicity. Most of these are examples of New Age spiritualism in which it is claimed to be either proof of or evidence for psychic phenomena, including precognition and telepathy.

To decode the message, ‘864511320′ must first be broken down into its component components.

’86’ implies to eliminate or get rid of something or someone, according to the Urban Dictionary. This is the most popular definition, and it’s the one that’s been trending on social media recently.

According to Urban Dictionary, the number 45 alludes to Donald Trump.

’45’ is the moniker given to the US president by his critics, according to numerous memes and social media posts. That is, in fact, the most commonly used phrase on Twitter.

Finally, the number 11320 relates to the 2020 presidential election in the United States, which will take place on November 3rd.

How did this start?

It’s unknown how this mysterious statement became viral. When something becomes popular, it might be difficult to determine who started the trend. The post appears to have started following an image of an automobile with the words ‘864511320′.

Many others have retweeted this identical image, so it’s no surprise that the fad has grown in popularity on Twitter. This is, I suppose, how you make a political statement in 2020.

Twitter reactions

If you go to Twitter, you’ll see hundreds, if not thousands, of tweets with the hashtag #864511320.

There are new posts from social media users every minute or so at the time of writing.

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