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According to testimony from an expert in the industry, Jason Momoa lobbied for Amber Heard to be in the “Aquaman” sequel. On Monday, in the Depp trial, which was a Depp v. Heard defamation trial, industry insider Kathryn Arnold testified that Heard was not allowed to continue in the sequel because the film’s director, Jason Momoa, and director James Wan were “adamant that she was part of this film.”

Arnold Also testified that his Hollywood career was damaged when Depp’s lawyer Adam Waldman dubbed her abuse allegations as to be a “hoax,” estimating that Heard was able to lose between $45 and $50 million during negotiations because due to the “hoax” statement.

Will, There Be Amber Heard In The New Sequel Of Aquaman

Heard admitted in court earlier in the month she was given a drastically diminished role in The “Aquaman” sequel after fighting to remain on the screen. Depp is now suing Heard for damaging his career and image by suggesting in an opinion piece that she was the victim of domestic violence at the hands of. The lawsuit seeks damages of $50 million for the slander.

Jason Momoa finished shooting Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom on the 9th of December 2021. James Wan’s declaration affirms that production of the sequel ceased in January. Although the lead actor of the film had completed his scenes prior to Christmas, James Wan and the other members of the team could have finished the sequel by the deadline of January.

Amber Heard To Be In  ‘Aquaman 2’.Jason Momoa & Director James Wan Fought To Keep Her In Aquaman Sequel

Aquaman (2018) has already included roughly 2,300 visual effects photos. The amount of VFX sequences in the sequel is unknown, although it is probable that it may exceed it, especially since Wan stated that he is working with “groundbreaking technology.” However, the sequel will go through a lengthy post-production process equivalent to the time between the end of filming and the premiere of the first Aquaman film in theatres. 

Despite the delayed release, the assertion that he’s “blown off” by the initial testing of the sequel is positive, which could increase expectations towards the movie when the date for its release is nearing in the next few months. Patrick Wilson, who will reprise his role in the film as Orm on the screen, has declared his belief that the Lost Kingdom is “larger, more expansive, and better” than its predecessor, which aligns with the director’s latest declaration.

When Will The Aquaman Sequel Arrive

Wan stated that he’s completed the director’s cut at home for at most 15 hours a day. When he announced the delay, the veteran filmmaker expressed his appreciation for the additional time as well as stated that he’s been working using “groundbreaking technology:”

The Collider’s Steven Weintraub said in the article that he “figured that the delay in the release date” was something related to the VFX. Wan was honest, saying that he and his team would not be able to finish the post-production of the film on time for the initial 2022 date of release, noting that they only began shooting in January.

In addition, the story of the deadline confirms that the COVID-19 virus remains to be the primary cause of the delays mentioned above. Although the outbreak has diminished in the context of global surges, the sequence of delays serves as an alarming sign that COVID-19 remains present, and all should be aware of the possibility of making similar mistakes in the near future.


A new date of release to release Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is set for March 17th, 2023. According to a different source, delays to the DCEU films result from an overflow at a number of post-production effects studios, as productions have increased after the outbreak ended. The Flash alone features more than 2,500 VFX scenes based on the information.


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