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On 23rd May, GOT7 held a press conference for the air for their new self-titled EP where they communicated about their comeback preparations, how they were capable of reuniting as a full group, and many more. 

GOT7 has made their highly predicted return as a full group since their departure from JYP presently and fans have been talking about the trademark and copyright of their group being shifted to them for a couple of weeks now, they have finally spoken about it.

K Pop Band GOT7 To Make A Full Comeback With New Music Album

The group devotedly commented on their extremely predicted comeback, beginning with the Mark who updates, “We have been organizing since last year and we were finally capable of making our rejoinder.

I was extremely happy throughout our preparation phase and wanted to meet our prodigious fans. Jay B added, “it is an effective relief that we can rejoin as a full band and I am grateful to our crew members’ agency and Warner Music who aided us out. It is like a dream and I am touched. 

GOT7 Updates On How Their Long-Awaited Comeback Happened

Furthermore, Jackson continued, “Our leader [Jay B] I went through a lot and it was not easy, but I am extremely happy that we were capable of working together. Jinyoung also shared, “our prodigious fans have been constantly waiting for us, so it is a relief that this has become a moment we thank them with.” Youngjae commented. “Thank you all for waiting for us. We also met our possible fans at our concert and I felt appreciative. 

BamBam shared, “As it was a long duration, we thankfully prepared and I once again felt that the GOT7 should be all 7.” Finally, Yugyeom commented, “I am grateful that we were able to hang out together once again. We prepared excellently so please send us some love and blessings. 

JAY B Disclose How They Transferred The Trademark From JYP Entertainment

As the group has gone on to sign with dissimilar agencies after parting manner with JYP Entertainment, they enlightened why they were strong-minded to make a comeback with all seven members. BamBam shared, “We aired this album because we necessarily need to guard our team and authenticate that GOT7 was not dissolved. We were able to keep our aptitude to fans and we need to focus on our team promotions.”

All trademark rights for GOT7 have been transferred to GOT7 from their former agency, JYP Entertainment. JAY B remarked, “It’s not that we ended up receiving it because the law transformed, as CEO Jung Wook [of JYP Entertainment] gladly acknowledged [to pass over the rights].”


GOT7 Jay B further mentioned that he couldn’t just leave the trademark rights to someone else, so he needed to obtain them all. However, he had doubts, so he reached out to each member and went across to accept the documents and seals.

As Jay B said, there have been no cases where trademark rights were shifted before, therefore, this makes GOT7 the very first K-pop group in history to do so.


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