Phenomenal Pole Dance Act Leaves Agt Judge Simon Cowell Speechless
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“America’s Got Talent” is more than just a venue for participants to display their unique talents. They will also deliver a powerful message to the world there.

The Mayyas, a girls’ dance group from Lebanon, did just that on Tuesday night’s program, discussing the challenges they face in their country as female dancers before giving a Golden Buzzer-winning audition.

Lebanon Girl With Golden Buzzer Winner Moment

One of the dancers told the judges before their audition, “Lebanon is a very beautiful nation, but we face a daily hardship. “Unfortunately, becoming a dancer as a female Arab is not entirely supported yet,” another person said.

Phenomenal Pole Dance Act Leaves Agt Judge Simon Cowell Speechless

The choreographer for the group claimed that “AGT ” by Nightbird, who received Judge Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer the previous year, served as an inspiration for the Mayyas. Later, Nightbirde’s disease forced her to withdraw from the tournament, and she passed away in February.

After giving a strong performance, Nightbird said, “You can’t wait till you decide to be happy. For one of the dancers, Mayyas took on the meaning of “AGT,” which stands for the group describing what’s happening while feeling emotional.

We have one chance to show the world what Arab women are capable of, including the art we can produce and the battles we can win, and she said it is the biggest platform in the world standing up for them.

The ensemble then performed in perfect synchrony while donning long feathers, moving arms, and dancing. Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Sofa Vergara, the judges, were in disbelief.

Simon Cowell referred to it as a very dangerous act along with the ax with the head stuck, but he also added, saying, it is one of the best dance acts they have seen.

Lebanon Girl With Golden Buzzer Winner Moment

Kristen Cruz, another popular artist, amassed a following on TikTok, where she posts pictures of herself preparing her own protein shakes, coffee, and matcha in the kitchen. The judges gave her a standing ovation as she sang the rock song “I See Red” by Split Enz. Simon Collen marveled, asking her if it was really her voice. Other judges also praised Kristen for her beautiful voice.

Simon Cowell is an outstanding talent judge, whether you love him or despise him. The judge on “America’s Got Talent” has developed a reputation for giving acts on the talent competition show some pretty harsh criticism, as well as his sporadically generous compliments.

Simon didn’t waste any time in labeling pole dancing by Australian dancer and mother of three children Kristy Sellars’ performance on the NBC show as “pointless.”

Even before Kristy started her act, the judge reclined back in his chair and rolled his eyes. Simon had a bad attitude and was prejudicial, but Kristy didn’t let that stop her from performing one of the best pole dancing routines ever on “AGT.”

With the help of a cleverly animated backdrop that she incorporated into her performance, she skillfully combined art and storytelling. By the time Kristy was finished, the judges, including Simon, were on their feet applauding her flawless talent and originality.

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