Does Money Heist Korea Shooted The Magic Of The Original

Does Money Heist Korea Shooted The Magic Of The Original
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The initial robbery in Money Heist is taught in 22 episodes and two seasons. The Money Heist series: Korea is a fast-moving show, having only completed 12 episodes in the initial season, which required the redux to go with double speed and take out several aspects. The majority of the missing details will be obvious to those who are fans of this unique collection.

Does Money Heist Korea Shooted The Magic Of The Original

The redux does reframe everything in Korean, but the vast majority of the MacGuffins and other revelations are identical to the original, which makes it a predictable and predictable watch for fans who have been around for a long time. The Easter egg-themed hints serve to remind people that the original was great, and the redux was short. The Professor hides in an establishment he created as part of the plan within Money Heist: Korea.

Does Money Heist Korea Shooted The Magic Of The Original

This is Cafe Bella Ciao. Where do songs of protest like Bella Ciao be able to fit? This song was a huge hit across Europe after the film Money Heist and many different versions, including the version from the film, which topped charts on Euro charts.

The Money Heist movie’s version of Korea is instead a song that begins by having Tokyo dance to the Okay-pop. There are other hints of a possible robbery for Seon Woo Jin, like braiding her hair in the style of Inspector Murillo (Itziar Ituo) or Korean Denver trying to replicate Denver’s distinctive Tommy-gun snort fall short.

The romances aren’t revealed in episode 4 in Money Heist: Korea; however, by that point, it’s too late. Tokyo, as well as Rio (Lee Hyun-woo), Denver and Yoon Mi-seon (Lee Joo-bin) as well as both the Professor and Seon aren’t even close to capturing the new romantic pairings of the original. Additionally, Helsinki’s (Kim Ji-hun) and Oslo’s (Lee Kyu-ho) LGBTQ orientations have shifted. The characters that are so complex from the original show are reduced to thugs, with virtually none of any emotion.

The biggest problem is that it doesn’t provide cliffhangers in the same way as the original. This is a disadvantage of copying the original too much. There isn’t any suspense as people know where it’s going. Even though they’ve seen it previously the first time, the Money Heist: Korea misses the cinematic pace of the original. Money Heist was designed with care.

It weaved issues out simultaneously, increasing the intensity and amplifying it by crisp editing, breathtaking cinematography, and, more importantly, well-developed characters that captivated us.

Ursula Corbero’s Tokyo is a firecracker with a short fuse that is a consummate fan of every scene she’s in. At the same time, Jeon’s Tokyo is a quiet observer who sways awkwardly to the music of Okay-pop. Professor is, as played by Alvaro Morte, smart as well as sensitive.

He’s a beautiful genius who finds out too late that he’s in the wrong head. Yoo’s Professor has an open face and has been sleeping at the feet of the government. In a show that is character-driven like Money Heist, it is a mistake to tamper with the colorful antiheroes will only cause disappointment to fans of the original.

Money Heist’s surreal style is captured by its Dali mask. The plot is truly insane on many levels; however, it still is a success despite the insane twists.

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