Truth Behind Corpse Husband Face Reveal – Corpse Husband Real Identity

Are you active on the internet? Music and games are two of your favourite pastimes. Or are you more of a listener who enjoys scary tales? You’ve probably heard of “Corpse Husband” by now. But if you don’t know who Corpse Husband is, I’ll tell you.

Corpse Husband Face

Who Is Corpse Husband?

An American YouTuber known as “Corpse Husband” is known for his low-pitched voice, which draws viewers in and keeps them watching his videos for hours at a time.

Playing video games and making music are two of his other passions. These videos have made him a household name. The game Among Us is a murder mystery in which players collaborate online to solve the crime.

Does The Corpse Husband Reveal His Face? Let’s Have A Look

Until now, we had no idea what he looks like or how he goes by his first name. What’s up with that? You don’t have to be this way. So yet, he has not revealed any personal information about himself.

For many individuals, it remains a mystery and a challenge. An interview with “Corpse Husband” recently stated that he doesn’t want his face shown in order to keep the story mysterious.

Corpse Husband Disease

“Corpse Husband” was astonished to be able to stream for so long despite his condition. On Twitter, he has made frequent references to his condition.

He has fibromyalgia, gastric reflux disease, and thoracic outlet syndrome, all of which are debilitating chronic ailments that afflict him (a disease in which your nerves and blood vessels reduce their size).

A person’s voice can be affected by thoracic outlet syndrome, which could explain why he has a low-pitched voice. To protect his eyes from blue light, he also wears an eyepatch.

What Happened To “Corpse Husband”? Controversy

There hasn’t been any new episodes of “Corpse husband” for a long time. He had been inactive for the previous six months, but he’s returned to explain why he couldn’t stream during that time.

As a public personality, he has already established a large following with his first video stream. He complained that entertaining hundreds of people via live stream had become too much for him to handle.

However, the news of his new initiative has delighted his admirers. Tribe nine’s new voice actor will be known as “Corpse Husband.” “Ojiro” in Tribe Nine would be voiced by him, he said on Twitter.

Corpse Husband Real Name And Why Corpse Husband?

When “Corpse husband” was live-streaming, one of his admirers asked him whether he was going to divulge his real name or if he was planning to write a biography. His name was “Randall” and he resides in the Mid East, he later explained.

The man also mentioned that he works in an automobile shop. However, he may or may not have been telling the truth when he said these things, and only he knows for sure.

He even requested that they look into these particulars for him. At the end of the stream, he made a statement like “You’ll never find me, Randall from the motor shop”.

People don’t know if he’s being sarcastic or if he’s being serious because of his unique vocal tone. When it comes to keeping his identity and face hidden, even if there have been many criticisms about it, he still has no trouble.

Corpse Husband Hand: Does Corpse Husband Have Six Fingers? Here You Go

When Corpse Husband posted a selfie of himself on Instagram in March of 2020, it appeared like he had six fingers on each hand. The image sent fans into a frenzy, but it turns out it was all a figment of their imaginations. The hand in question has subsequently been re-posted by Corpse, and this time it looks to have five fingers.

To begin, he tweeted a request to his followers, asking them to help him reach 100k followers on Instagram so he could upload a picture of his hand.

On Twitter, he developed the hashtag #onlyhands, which encouraged others to upload photos of their hands. He posted a picture of himself without his face again in March.

Some of his followers questioned whether or not he had six fingers when he posted this picture. There was no response from the other side of the photo, and the commenters expressed their concerns underneath the image.

Corpse Husband Face Mask: Corpse Husband Always Wear A Mask?

The narrator of “Corpse Husband” admits that he has social anxiety and hardly leaves the house on rare occasions. To hide his identity, he has made an animated avatar of himself on YouTube.

He admitted that wearing a mask interferes with his ability to speak, both when he’s broadcasting live and when he’s meeting with people in person. It’s also worth noting that wearing a mask reduces his ability to speak clearly when he’s meeting new people. He’s still not ready to take off his face mask, despite all of the obstacles.

Corpse Husband Twitter- Twitter Blog

“Corpse Husband” posts the majority of his updates and forthcoming projects to Twitter, and as a result of his meteoric rise in popularity during the pandemic, Twitter has now verified his account. On Twitter, he goes by the handle @Corpse Husband.

Corpse Husband Instagram (Social Media) – @corpse_husband

More than one million people follow “Corpse Husband” on Instagram. His face is not visible in any of the images he has shared on Instagram. To show his gratitude, he posted a snapshot of his palm holding a lock of hair off his head as he hit the million-dollar mark.

When the first image of “Corpse Husband’s” future products was shown, the reaction was immediate and hysterical among fans. Even if he doesn’t appear in any of the photos he posts, he still receives an unusual amount of attention.

‘Corpse Husband’ has become an internet star, and his fans and followers are impatiently awaiting his face to be revealed!

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The Facts Behind Reveal 2022

Are the rumors true?? The following sections will explore the facts behind Corpse Husband’s face reveal. 

All of a sudden, Corpse Husband gained fame through his haunting narration of horror stories. Many fans have been following him and enjoying his life with his deep and mysterious voice.

Although he did not reveal his face, his sound became significant among his fans. Later he has featured in live-streamed playthroughs with popular streamers like Rachel Valkyrae Hofstetter and Imane Pokimane any.

However, he did not reveal his face until 2022. Corpse Husband has been keeping his identity away from the public and media. But many posts related to his face reveal still confuse many fans that whether his face has leaked or not. How Corpse Husband look like?? 

Facts Behind The Rumors 

It is quite normal that the rumors about “faceless” celebrities will not end until they officially reveal their identity. The celebrities such as Marshmello faced this issue as he initially kept his identity secret and later it was confirmed by Forbes to be Chris Comstock.

Corpse Husband Face Anime


Corpse Husband Face Reveal

Corpse Husband has been facing this issue since his Youtube streams got fame in 2015. His appearance has been leaked on many occasions through social media itself. 


A photo became viral on Twitter claiming that he was the Corpse Husband. But Corpse Husband did not comment on the post. The fans reacted to the post in several ways. Many of them avoided the news as a rumor. On the other hand, a few trusted it to be Corpse Husband itself. Visit for more movie news and entertainment on

Many people pointed out that the viral photo did not match the photo that was posted on the official social media platform. One of the fans commented, “Corpse Husband said his hair is black and curly and his hands don’t match this person”. Corpse Husband’s official Instagram account only has a few photos in which most of the posts are his hands themselves. 

In a 2021 and 2020 interview with Anthony Padilla, Corpse revealed that his identity has been unwrapped on a few occasions. He added, “I am extremely self-conscious about myself”.

Although many famous persons such as Padilla and Valkyrae already knew Corpse Husband’s identity, he did not reveal it in front of the public. Corpse Husband’s face is still a mysterious one and let’s cross our fingers for his official face revealing occasion!! 

Final Verdict On Corpse Husband Face

So here Corpse Husband Face Reveal, Corpse face reveal Hundreds of thousands of people are looking for an answer to this topic. 

He’s one of the most well-known streamers in the business, but his identity is a well-guarded secret.

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